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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I’m looking advice or help in finding the parents of Knud (Knut) Pedersen (Hoel?) Gaarløs. He lived in Toten (Kolbu parish), Oppland from 1639 to 1711. His burial record indicates Nov 1711 and the Gaarløs farm – probate record also indicates 1711 and Gaarløs. Actually, I’m hoping somebody could tell me if there is something about Knud and his parents in the Toten Bygdeboks or a similar source, since I don’t have online access to the National Library. I’ve already checked online sources that I can access, and it appears his father may have been either Peder Knudsen Hoel or, more possibly I believe, Peder Pedersen Hoel. I haven’t found anything about who might have been Knud’s mother. For anyone interested, the following covers what I’ve found online. I’m hoping someone will comment. Perhaps the information will also be of help to someone else. (Note, much of the contents of the early Toten church records have been transcribed and entered into a searchable database located at Digitalarkivet.) Knud Pedersen (Hoel?) Gaarløs Probate index card and Geni.com information (but no references): https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/39949/5965?indexing= https://www.geni.com/people/Knut-Hoel/6000000007536572392?through=6000000007536666313#/tab/timeline Regarding Peder Knudsen Hoel (Peder K) https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/35503/21?indexing= The online genealogy website Geni.com indicates Peder K was Knud Pedersen Gaarløs’ father, but no references are provided. However, an entry from Toten in the 1664-66 Prestens Mantall (above address, RH page) shows a Peder Knudsen (age 65) and three sons, Rasmus (age 20), Peder (age 12), and Torkild (age 10) were living at Hoel. There is no indication in the entry of a son named Knud living at Hoel at that time, and Peder K apparently had no probate record. However, a highly detailed Oppland County military map from 1854 indicates the Hoel and Gaarløs farms were located very closely to each other. Also of interest, several people who lived at Hoel participated in baptisms of children born at Gaarløs during the period 1695 to 1711. Furthermore, during the period 1695 to 1711, a Torkild Gaarløs attended a total of ten baptisms at various farms, including Gaarløs, that apparently were also attended by one or more members of Knud Pedersen Gaarløs’ family (Knud’s wife Ingeborg Larsdatter and/or their children – see Knud’s probate index card.), and a Torkild Pedersen died at Gaarløs in 1737 at the indicated age of 89. Since he was born about 1648, his birth year roughly fits that of Peder K’s son Torkild from the 1664-66 census entry. Perhaps there was an error in the census and/or of burial records that would make the ages fit better. In any case, Torkild Gaarløs’ presence at the ten baptisms along with Kund’s family members and Torkild's apparent patronym Pedersen are reasons to think he could have been Knud’s brother. Based on all of this, it seems there are records that indicate Peder K might have been Knud Pedersen Gaarløs’ father. Regarding Peder Pedersen Hoel (Peder P) https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/39949/8945?indexing= Peder P did have a probate record and he had a surviving son named Knud. He also had a son named Torkild, as did Peder K. Dated in 1682, the index card (above address) for Peder P’s probate indicates he died in 1678 and had six heirs listed in the following order: Knud, Peder, Torkild, “Ronne,” Bert(h)e, and Martha (Marte?) - all were his children. No age or other information was provided on the card for them. For several reasons, I think it is more likely that he was Knud Pedersen Gaarløs’ father. 1) A woman identified as Rønnov Gaarløs attended three baptisms during the period 1695 through 1700, all of which were also attended by one or more members of Knud Pedersen Gaarløs’ family. Furthermore, a woman named Rønnov Pedersdatter died at Gaarløs (burial at some point in 1705) at age 70. I think she was the Rønnov who attended the three baptisms. I also think she easily could have been the “Ronne” from Peder P’s 1682 probate. That is because: a) very few women named Rønnov and Ronne show in the early church books from Toten, and the names Ronne and Rønnov are a near match; and b) Rønnov was born about 1635, which could fit Peder P’s daughter “Ronne.” 2) One of the baptisms attended by this Rønnov Gaarløs was also attended by the already mentioned Torkild Gaarløs (apparently Torkild Pedersen Gaarløs). 3) A Marte Hoel attended the christening of a child, Mart(h)e Larsdatter, born at Gaarløs in 1705 which was also attended by Knud Gaarløs, Ingebor Gaarløs, and Anne Knudsdatter Gaarløs (apparently Knud Pedersen Gaarløs and his wife Ingeborg Larsdatter and daughter Anne – from Knud’s probate index card). I think this Marte Hoel probably was Marte Pedersdatter Hoel, since a woman by that name died (at Hoel) at age 65 in 1718. Since she was born about 1653, this might fit with Peder P’s daughter Marte. Accordingly, people apparently named Torkild Pedersen Gaarløs and Rønnov Pedersdatter Gaarløs and maybe named Marte Pedersdatter Hoel attended baptisms at Gaarløs along with Knud Pedersen Gaarløs’ family. Torkild’s, Rønnov’s, and Marte’s names (and Knud’s) are matches to those of four of Peder P’s children. The obvious possible explanation for this is they all were siblings and Peder P’s children.
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