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Gjest Dorothy Qualm


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Gjest Dorothy Qualm

My great great great grandfather was Syver Niklasson born 1829 on the Sy Kvam farm at Lesjaskogen.Syvert married Ragnhild Johnsdatter (not sure when) and they had a son Johan (1855) and Nikolai Sivertsen Kvam (my great great grandfather) born 1861.The family moved to another farm in Lesjaskogen, Stuguflottenm when they had a daughter Joda born July 27, 1863.Not sure what happened to Nikolai's brother Johan. All I know is Johan had 1 son Magnus Anton (1877) but not sure where they settled.Looking for information on Johan? Where he went and his son, Magnus Anton.Nikolai Sivertsen Kvam married (not sure) a Laura Severine Elen Hermansdatter (Humblen) and he mothered 2 of his 3 children (that I know of). I do not know what ever happened to Laura. If she died or where she went. On the 1900 census Nikolai had another wife, Anne Berte Kvam. Nikolai came to America with sons and a daughter in May 18, 1910 from Kristiana, Norway. They came to America to stay with cousin John Kvam of Platte, South Dakota.NIKOLAI SIVERTSEN'S MOTHER: Ragnhild Johnsdatter was born in Vågå (Vaage) parish. When working with the bygdebok I found that she came from the Heidalen sub-parish, and from the census you can see she was 26 years old in 1865, i.e. born ca 1840. Does anyone know her in their family roots. Please help as I would like to find information.If this is part of your family tree or you know information, please feel free to help. My email address is dorothy.qualm@verizon.net

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