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Gjest Ralph Peterson

[#17837] Death date for Jøran Jensdtr from Åmot

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Gjest Ralph Peterson

Looking for information on the death of Jøran Jensdtr born 3June 1833. Her birth is registered in the Ytre Rendal church book. She died in late 1904 or early in 1905. According to the 1900 census she was living with her son Tollef Karendersen at the “Gard” Glesaaen Ovre (Garsdnr under 35), which is located in Aamot very near the border between Rendalen and Aamot. I checked the Aamot church book but could not find her listed. Her son Tollef immigrated to the USA in 1906 and he listed his residence as Trysil even if he signed out of the Aamot church when he left Norway . I checked the Trysil church book and found no entry for Jøran. Is there more than one set of church books in Aamot or Trysil that I should check. If her funeral were held in Ytre Rendal would she be listed in their church book even if she lived in Aamot. Any help or advice greatly appreciated. If you do find the entry I would like all info listed including the page she is listed on. Tusen Takk Ralph Peterson

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