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[#19253] Re: Ancestry of Cornelius and Henrik Zachariasen of Bamble

Guest Allan Levorsen

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Guest Allan Levorsen

Norwegian researchers of Bamble area: Greetings! I am searching for the ancestry of:Cornelius Zachariasen Langøya (Bamble) b. ca. 1677 d. ca. 1728 Cornelius was a sailor (matros).with siblings:Henrik Zachariasen Langøya (Bamble) b. ca. 1683 d. 1747Sara Zachariasdatter b. ca. 1678 burial 20 Dec 1711 her husband was Løch or Lyk Andersen Langøya (Lyk's ancestry is of somewhat lesser interest.)Mary Zachariasdatter Est 1680 Bef 1729 Poul Simonsen of Porsgrunn The name of the mother of these children is not known. If she had a probate, it apparently was lost as the probates from Bamble for the period she is thought to have died are missing. It is speculated that she could be either a Corneliusdatter or a Henriksdatter. Perhaps she was from the Skien area. However, she is not a daughter to Cornelius Jansen Trinepol (of Dutch descent) as she is not included in his probate. Perhaps there is another Cornelius in the Skien area. Maybe she came from the Netherlands. Finding out about her is a major area of interest. The family seems to have been a seafaring family. Father: Zacharias Nielsen Langøya b. ca. 1646 d. ca. 1720 His probate is mentioned in the probate of Knud Zachariasen, but it is in a volume that is missing. In Bygdebok for Bamble, C.S. Schilbred does not indicate the parentage of Zacharias Langøya, nor even his patronymic (etternavn). However, Zacharias' parents are thought to be: Niels Halvorsen Aastad (1628-1699) of Bamble & Sara Gregersdatter (1630-1713) However, in the manntaller 1664-1666, the Zacharias (son of Niels Halvorsen Aastad) therein seems to be born about 1656. Whereas, the Zacharias listed in Sjøinnrullering i Vestfold og Telemark 1706-1707 (i digitalarkivet) seems to have been born about 1646.However, there is in the neighboring parish, a Zacharias Nielsen Bjørntvet of Solum, son of a Niels Bjørntvet. Zacharias Langøya later married: Inger Torsdatter b. ca. 1648 buried 27 Feb 1729 probated (skift) 23 Nov 1729, Langesund 3A:192b-194bby whom they had a son: Knut Zachariasen b. ca. 1693 d. 1728/1729 probate 3A:163b-166a, 4 Feb 1729 It is from this probate that we learn of his step siblings. Information helping to confirm or disprove the ancestry of Zacharias Nielsen Langøya is desired. I already know of the ancestry of Niels Halvorsen Aastad and Sara Gregersdatter from Schilbred's Bygdebok for Bamble, but no further. Also of interest is any information towards or upon his first wife is desired. One may write in either English or Norwegian. If desired, I may be able to exchange research services with you from sources or material in the nearby Family History Library of Salt Lake City, Utah. Thank you for your interest. Cordially, Allan Levorsen 645 LaSalle Dr. Murray, UT 84123-6827 allanlevorsen@yahoo.com

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