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Gjest Anne Haufmann Godfrey

[#23589] Searching for parents of Frederik Emanuel Johanesen born 1829 Oslo

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Gjest Anne Haufmann Godfrey

In the marriage records I have found only the father of Frederik Emanuel Johanesen. The father's name is Johannes Hans (doesn't say Hansen, just Hans). Frederik was born, I believe, on Nov 4, 1829 in Oslo. Frederik's wife was Johanne Marie Hansdatter and they were married on July 15, 1853. I have an entry on Johanne Marie too. I would like to verify the parents of Frederik, especially his mother. The marriage record also indicates the two witnesses are Peter Christ. Hansen and Johan Johannessen. I don't know how this would help, though. Any suggestions on how to find Fredrik's mother would be greatly appreciated. I have the census records for Frederik and Johanne with 3 children listed: Johan A. Frederiks, age 9, Albert J. Frederiks., age 6, Matilda Frederiksd., age 2 (she's my great grandmother) and I have some more children from FamilySEarch IGI: Fredrikke Marie, b/Jan 10, 1853 (apparently born before the wedding), Axel Waldemar born Aug. 3, 1861, and Inga Oline Josephine born July 29, 1867, all christened in Aker Gamle Menighet. There are so many people with the above names at the right time in the right place that I just don't know who belongs in my family tree. Please help! Anne Godfrey

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