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Gjest John Knudsen

[#31511] Marie K. Thuesen b. 1908 d. 1997

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Gjest John Knudsen

I am seeking information about Marie Thuesen, second daughter of my great-uncle Karl Emil Knudsen.Marie Knudsen was born 26 April, 1908 in New York. Her family returned to Norway where she and her elder sister, Hjørdis, went to confirmation preparation at Hisøy Kirke in 1923. Hisøy Kirke has no record of marriage for Marie Knudsen Thuesen up until 1949. An Oslo mailing address, no longer valid, was the last known contact information my family had for Marie Thuesen. Dødfall i Norge 1947 - 1999 (Record 171747) records Marie Thuesen's death in Oslo on 20 February, 1997.Marie's parents, sister, and step-brother are deceased. Her death record did not indicate whether, or not she was a widow.No one in my family knows knows when, or where, Marie was married, or anything about her husband.I would greatly appreciated having information about her husband's name, wedding date/location, and witnesses.Best, JK

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