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Gjest KJ Johnson

[#33421] Fosse/Orstad

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Gjest KJ Johnson

Hello,I am having difficulty finding more information on my gr gr grandmother. I thought I would run it past your board and see if anyone can help. The information here in the USA does give her parents name but no location of birth, just Norway. She came to the USA around 1865 and married here. She settle in Minnesota. Her brother also came to the USA (1874 per census info)and lived in the same area as her.There names are:Anna Foss/Fosse b April 13, 1842 (per her death record). Peter Foss/Fosse b. February 13, 1846 (per his death record).Both list the parents as Ole Fosse and Kari Orstad. Their obituaries do not list where they were born either. This is all I have. I have tried looking through the 1865 census for Ole and Kari but have not had much luck.I can find the Orstad name in the Østfold and Rogaland areas but cannot find Kari and Ole. I might be overlooking them, so I thought I would see if anyone here might be able to help me or know of more areas to check.Thank you very much.KJ

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