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Gjest Kai Werner Østreng

[#71494] DNA: Lynraske resultater for de som venter på SMGF Sorenson Database mulig

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Gjest Kai Werner Østreng

Mange har uttrykt frustrasjon over de lange ventetidene (noen ganger over et år) på gratisresultater fra SMGF, men dette kan nå gå lynraskt ved følgende løsning. Jeg videreformidler : SMGF is the non-profit side of the company who for years has compiled a database for free. Because the database did not cost our participants anything to participate we quoted that it would take about 8-12 months to be entered into the system. Now that there is a commercial branch to the company we are able to give results back to those who pay within 2 weeks. Please spread the word that if someone has previously participated through SMGF that they too can receive their results for the $49.50 fee. Also, with your situation if you made a request for your kit before May 27, 2009 then you too are eligible to receive your results at the discounted price. Please contact genetree.com to confirm this.Mvh Kai

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