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[#74257] Carl Anton Paasche - Kongsberg - Planlagt slektstreff for etterkommere

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Gjest Tor Kvien

Dette er kanskje litt på kanten, men jeg har fått følgende melding fra USA som jeg ikke vet annen måte å formidle på: Fra; Anne Karin Paaske akpaaske@gmail.comDear Tor Kvien, We are some descendants of bergmester (master miner) Carl Anton Paaske who are planning a family gathering of his descendants at Kongsberg next spring. We have unfortunately lost contact with the descendants of Olaf Aabel Corneliussen and his wife Helga, Carl Anthon's daughter . We have accidentally found Bob Koster's genealogy web page and tried to mail the e-mail adress given there, lstotle@aol.com , but nobody has answered so far. Since there was a link to Cousin Tor's webpage, we take the liberty to mail you, and hope you might forward this message to those you think might be interested. (That is why we write in English.) The gathering will probably take place in late May, most likely on Saturday May 29th. We would like to invite all descendants of Carl Anton and Louise Caroline Paaske with families to participate, and would be happy if somebody from the Corneliussen-Paaske branch could come. If we get their e-mail or mail adresses, we might send formal invitations and update them about the exact time, programme etc. It would be good if they could give a tentative answer whether they will participate before January 15th. Hope you could help us with this.Best regards, Anne Karin and Nils Øvrelid.

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