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Gjest Tybring Hemphill

[#81082] Portraits of the Heiberg family at Kaupanger

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Gjest Tybring Hemphill

I am looking for help to obtain some good quality copies of portraits of my Heiberg ancestors. The portraits are part of the Heiberg Samling which is at Amble gard at Kaupanger. I have already obtained some colour copies of paintings from the owner of Amble Gard, but unfortunately his camera had a very, very low resolution. The paintings are quite lovely I think and I am descended from a very large number of the members of the family, but most specifically Gjert and Sophie Ronne Heiberg and their children Anders, Christen and Christence. I would be most grateful for any help from someone who lives nearby or may take a short trip to this museum.

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