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Susannah Zemke

Kittil Asbjørnsson Skatvedt & Johanne Johansdatter -from Sigdal to Sande, VF

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Susannah Zemke

I am having difficulties to find the origins of my ancestor Johanne Johansdatter (Skatvedt) in Sigdal and hope someone can help guide me.

Is it possible the Sigdal og Eggedal Bygdebok has something about her in the sections about Hiaasen or Skatvedt farms?


Here are some details:


Kittil Asbjørnsson ( baptised 21 Jan 1776, Hiåsen, Sigdal, Buskerud - son of Asbjørn Reidarsen Hagavoll & Aase Kittilsdatter Havika, d. 18 Feb 1835 Sondre Flaaten, Sande, Vestfold)


Johanne Johansdatter (b. c. 1790 unknown, d. 26 Sep 1850 Trogstad, Sande, Vestfold,)


Marriage record in Sigdal parish register 28 Feb 1807 - Kittil Asbjornsen Skatvet og Johanne Johansdatter Skatvet (witnesses Asle og Helge Skatvet)

Link to marriage record

Sigdal, Parish register (official) nr. 3 (1793-1811), Marriage records 1808, page 465-466.



The connection to Skatvedt farm is for Kittil - his mother Aase Kittlsdatter remarried 20 Apr 1784 to Syver Aslesen Skatvedt.


It appears that Kittil & Johanne had only one child - Aase:


Link to baptism record of Kittil & Johanne's daughter Aase - 17 Mar 1810 -

Sigdal, Parish register (official) nr. 3 (1793-1811), Birth and baptism records 1810, page 237-238.



Link to confirmation record (Sande) of Kittil & Johanne's daughter Aase - 3 Oct 1824

Sande, Parish register (official) nr. 3 (1814-1847), Confirmation records 1824, page 516-517.



I also found a record in the Sande innflytta in 1824 for Kittil:


Huusmandsfolk paa Johnsrud (he had family at Johnsrud, Sande - have not been able to make any connection)

Remarks: Attesten fra Haslef af 9. Maj 1811 - paategnet afLund1812 -og af Levhve 1815 og atter af Lund 1824.


The only location that I have for Johanne Johansdatter is Skatvedt based on her marriage record. But I can't seem to find any Johan or other possible siblings in the area - perhaps she came from another parish? Maybe I am missing a clue in the original text of these records? Did Sigdal keep records of in- and out- migrations during the early 1800s? Thanks for any ideas or tips about where I could look to find something ...


Thank you, Susannah in Switzerland



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Berit Knudsen

I am reading the death record of "Johanne" as: Anne Kirstine Johannesdt. 60 y.


Kittil Asbjørnsen moved from Schouge/Skoger to Sande in 1824, p. 579, nr. 6, 7 and 8 http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?idx_kildeid=8123&idx_id=8123&uid=ny&idx_side=-131


To Schouge/Skoger from Lier in 1816, nr.41,42 and 43 http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?idx_kildeid=8123&idx_id=8123&uid=ny&idx_side=-138


From Lier til Schouge/Skoger in 1815, nr.13 http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?idx_kildeid=8444&idx_id=8444&uid=ny&idx_side=-258


In Sigdal these lists started in 1816.

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Susannah Zemke

Dear Berit & Mette,


This is such a wonderful forum. Thank you both so much for such speedy responses and helpful information. I can't believe how quickly you have found information. Thanks to your links, I have some new information:


1) From the Skoger in-out lists from 1816 & 1824, I have a better approximation of Johanne's age (list gives age 34 in 1816, age 46 in 1824) so now I have an approx. birth year c. 1778-1782 for Johanne


2) The Skoger list in 1824 gives me a second child for Kittil & Johanne - Anders - I found his baptism 6 Jul 1818 in Skoger records.


3) Death for Johanne - yes, Berit, thank you for pointing out the death record name - when I went to look at the original parish record, I also see Anne Kirstine, not Johanne Kirstine. It has been several years since I have looked at this line and now I looked again and believe that I found Johanne's death record for 28 Feb 1858 at Flaateneie - age 80 (and this gives year of birth c. 1778). This makes much more sense now - the other farm Trogstad (Anne Kirstine Johannsd.) was associated with the husband of Kittil & Johanne's daughter Aase, but Aase & her husband were living at Flaaten farm during this time period (both died at Flaaten in the 1860s) so it is clear that Aase's mother Johanne was living with her and died there.


( thanks also for info from Ingeborg Andrea Johansen - she was my 4th great-aunt and also immigrated to Wisconsin. Her sister Maren Andrine was my 4th-great grandmother and immigrated to Wisconsin.)


I guess that Johanne may have been a servant at Skatvedt gard c. 1807. I also saw that Kittil had a child (Beret Kittilsdatter) out of wedlock in 1805 with Beret Clementsdatter.


Thanks again for the help. I am curious about Johanne because it seems like the Sigdal records are very good and go back several generations for many of these Sigdal ancestors, but she is likely not from there ... and based on their migrations, I should look at Lier, Skoger and Sande as possibilities ...

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Susannah Zemke

many thanks for the tips.

Best, Susannah

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Susannah Zemke

Dear Berit,

You are amazing!!

I know that it is a year later, but I finally found some time and decided to try to find my ancestor Johanne Johannesdatter (she is my Deepest Known Maternal Ancestor). So I started to dig into the family of Johannes Narvesen Raaen that you gave me and you were absolutely right! It was always troubling me that I could not find Johanne in Sigdal in 1801. I saw that Johannes Narvesen had two other children - Narve & Ingri (bapt. 31 Jan 1779). I found Narve Johannesen in Sigdal in 1801 with his mother and stepfather. And then just a few farms away, I found Ingrej NARVESDTR - 22 and Johanne NARVESDTR - 20. (Note that the other servant on the farm, Ole Aslesen was the future husband of Ingri - they married Oct 20 1801). I searched the Sigdal church book and could not find any Narve who had daughters during that time period so I am convinced the name was recorded/given incorrectly (I think Johannes Narvesen died c. 1784). I also found Ingri and Johanne in the Confirmation records for Krydsherad. And I also found a baptism for Ole Aslesen & Ingri Johannesdatter's daughter Johanne Olsen bapt. 23 Mary 1817 in Lier and one of the godparents is Johanne's husband, Kittil Asbjørnsson, so I am now confident we have finally found her at last.


Johanne Johannesdatter - enumerated as Johanne Narvesdtr:



Thank you so much for your help!

Best regards, Susannah

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