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Question about your new system

Margaret Miller

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I have been using Digitalarkivet for years, and it has been the best thing ever. Now I have trouble with the census records! I am doing the slektshistorie for both Brønnøy and Sømna Bygdebøker in Nordland, so it is important that I understand what is going on.


I have not found information in English, and find your directions about the new system very hard to translate.


One think I have a question about is: When I am looking for a person on the census (say Cecille Johansdtr.), I find it best to go into the parish I need and ask for ALL forenavn. There I can choose spellings I would never figure out for myself and look at them all. Then I do the same with etternavn, asking for ALL. Johansdtr. can be Jansdtr., Johansdtr., Johannsdtr., Johannesdtr. etc. Jakob/Jacob can be even Jaacop! You can imagine what can happen to Cecille.


So is there a way for me to pull up all forenavn in one parish, or in all of Sør Trøndelag, or even all of Norway with your new system?


Can I find your directions in English somewhere?



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