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Bjørn A Løkken

Amerikansk kvinne som leter etter gamle norske kilder trenger hjelp

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Bjørn A Løkken

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I forigårs natt fikk jeg en hyggelig mail fra en amerikansk kvinne som trenger hjelp , Connie Vilhauer  . Min engelsk er noe begrenset slik at jeg har noe problem med å forstå nøyaktig hva slags gamle kilder hun er på jakt etter . Men hvis jeg forstår henne rett så dreier det seg mulig om gamle rettsreferater , og hvor hun kan finne disse . Hun har delt opp sin spørsmålstilling i 3 deler (  A, B og C )


Er det noen her på forumet som er dyktige i engelsk både på skrive og lesesiden , og evt. kunne hjelpe henne med hennes problemstilling . I så fall så er det bare og skrive løsninger og svar på engelsk  her i denne tråd så skal jeg koble henne innpå .


Hun tilbyr også hjelp tilbake , hvis noen skulle trenge en hjelpende hånd i USA ( og en slektsgransker hjelper " over there "  skal man jo ikke kimse av )


Jeg gjengir hennes mail til meg nedenfor , og vil på forhånd takke for sedvanlig god hjelp .




I hope that you know some English, and think that maybe you do because I see that you apparently are a fan of the Green Bay Packers :rolleyes: Unfortunately, I do not know any Norwegian (although I can and do make lefse!).


I have read your posts concerning the tragic events in Forrestadstuen in the 1820s-30s, and want to thank you for such an excellent, sensitive, and remarkedly thorough account ! (I was able to generally understand what you posted by using the google translator with a lot of assistance from my imagination)


I am wondering if you can perhaps answer a few general questions that I have been wondering about:


( A )


Do you know where it might be possible to find and view any original records that might have existed or survived that officials involved in such criminal cases may have registered or kept, such as administrative records of the judicial proceedings (court records / hearing records); the arrest & detention records (of, for example, the sheriff who made the arrests and/or jail records)? If such records survived, where would they be stored? Would they be available online? (I did find some for Sogn og Fjordane/Laerdal at digitalarkivet.uib.no, but I don't know where to look for such records for Oppland, Hedmark or Oslo.)


( B )


It would be interesting to read anything left behind by officials involved, such as old work papers or memoirs that Judge Moinichen may have written or left behind (either pertaining to this particular trial; and/or books -- I think he may have written some books, but I couldn't find anything -- or personal papers from that era, or from the many important positions he later had with the government). Here in the U.S. many officials frequently leave boxfulls of personal papers, etc. to universities, regional or special libraries, etc. Do you know whether any such records might exist for Judge Moinichen; NC Hald, Pastor Sommerfeldt, or even the sheriff (or other such officials)? If so, do you know how I might go about checking for such type of records in the various counties of Norway?


( C )


I happened to run across a reference to these crimes at Forrestadstuen on a list at this website www.ondskap.org/criminals.html ). The extensive list of criminals included many guilty of incest sentenced to the "fisheries." (I feel compelled to note that I saw comparatively few convictions for rape...) I was unable to find anything specific on just what the "fisheries" referred to, although I can guess; but do you happen to know? Were certain types of criminals sentenced to labor on prison ships?


I just thought you might be able to give me a tip or two about these things; but mostly I just wanted to compliment you on and say Thanks for your great posts about the Venabygd events.


Despite not knowing Norwegian, I have used Norway's wonderful digital archives extensively to very successfully & thoroughly research my maternal ancestors, who immigrated between 1853-1880s from Laerdal in Sogn og Fjordane; Gausdal (Follebu) in Oppland; Ringsaker, and Finnskogen/Aasnes in Hedmark (Finns), and were pioneers in Wisconsin (where I grew up) and in South Dakota where I was born. (I now live about 60 miles west of Washington, D.C.)


I dread the loss of the old digital archives search system, which I understand will be discontinued on 31 March. :( The old system has allowed me a flexibility needed to do some types of creative searches, some providing me "context" and a sense of "social environment" that I fear I won't be able to acquire through the new/current, seemingly more rigid system. I do so wish they would keep the old search system around.


If there is anything I can ever do from over here to assist you in your research, I would be delighted to help in any way I can!



Connie Vilhauer



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David Widerberg Howden
Leif Salicath

Søk på Forrestadstuen 1820 ga faktisk treff http://www.ondskap.org/forbryterne.html  Kanskje den samme som nevnt i C) i første innlegg.


Eller denne http://www.side3.no/den-siste-som-fikk-ddsstraff-i-norge/3379444.html


En bok av Torgrim Sørnes: Ondskap http://www.bokavisen.no/bokanmeldelser/2010/02/ondskap_av_torgrim_soernes.php vil vel gi mere detaljert informasjon.

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Connie Vilhauer

Many thanks to Bjorn, David and Leif. 


I look forward to exploring and studying the websites and links that you suggest. 


Best regards,


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Alexander Glasø

The book "Ondskap - De Henrettede i Norge 1815-1876" (Evil - The Executed in Norway 1815-1876) from 2009 was the first of two books by Torgrim Sørnes on the subject of capital punishment in Norway. The second one was "Uten Nåde - De Henrettede i Norge 1783-1814" (Without Mercy - The Executed in Norway 1783-1814) from 2011. The books are based on court records, testimonies, the notes of the judges and those involved in the cases discussed. The books follow a narrative (likely with some artistic liberties) where they describe the crimes committed, in a certain story-telling like fashion, followed by descriptions of the trials and the executions themselves.


It is possible there is something of relevance to Moinichen there, as the books typically described the careers and characters of the presiding judges if information was available to the author. Hopefully someone here on the forum has the book "Ondskap" and can transcribe and translate the relevant sections for you. I would do it myself, but I only have "Uten Nåde." Even with google translate or similar tools, you might have a hard time translating the relevant passages because the sections typically have long paragraphs of cited text from source material that can be hard to read and comprehend (I'll admit I had trouble reading sections in Norwegian myself.)

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