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Bjørn Halvorsen

Familien Aga

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Ann-Mary Engum

  • Tellingsår: 1900
  • Kommune: Bergen
  • Kommunenummer: 1301
  • Gatenavn: Kaigaden 7
  • Gatenr:
  • Bydel:
  • Gårdeier:
  • Antall leiligheter: 14

Antall personer registrert på bostedet: 64



Knud Aga hf g Kommunal Gadearbeider 1853.03.25 Fitje Prestegj. Søndhordland SB  


Martha Aga

hm g Fladbrødbager 1847.01.05 Ørskaugs Prestgj. Søndmør Rom  


Martin Aga

s ug Bud i Manufakturforretning 1885.02.10 Bergen  


Berge Martin Aga (Osmundsen)

Pleiesøn ug   1892.09.27 Bergen



Martin Osmundson

United States World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

birth: 27 September 1892 Bergen, , Norway draft registration: from 1917 to 1918 St. Louis County no 1, Minnesota, United States




Martin Osmondson


United States Census, 1920

birth: 1893 Norway residence: 1920 Eveleth, St Louis, Minnesota, United States immigration: 1912   other:

James Floyd, Cecil Floyd, Cora Floyd, Edward Floyd, Lester Floyd, Lola Floyd...






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Bjørn Halvorsen

Tusentakk for mye god info. :rolleyes:


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