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Patricia Carlsen Mikkelsen

Ragnhild Johannesdatter, wife of Johannes Johannesen Meldal

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Patricia Carlsen Mikkelsen

With the help of some kind people here, I have found a lot of information about Johannes Johannesen Meldal.  But his wife, Ragnhild Johannesdtr, is a still a mystery.


Johannes & Ragnhild had a son, Johan Albrigt, in Oct 1803 at Lechang, shortly before their marriage. See here (last entry on the right-hand page):

Permanent sidelenke: http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?idx_kildeid=16709&idx_id=16709&uid=ny&idx_side=-125


I looked for clues in the names of the witnesses.  In 1801, Antoni Paulsen & (son) Petter Antonissen are at Lechang øvre.  I think Aleth Catrina is Antoni's wife (Aletha Christensdtr).  Hanna Johannesdatter is the sister of Johannes, and Ole Ingebrigtsen is Hanna's husband.  Final name looks like Madam Arnold S Dreyer.  This may be Anna M Dreyer at Hassel in 1801.


Ragnhild married Johannes in Dec 1803.  See here:

Permanent sidelenke: http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?idx_kildeid=16709&idx_id=16709&uid=ny&idx_side=-126


Witnesses were Lars Tostensen Lechang nedre and Johannes's brother-in-law, Ole Ingebrigtsen.  The only thing interesting here is that Lars is married to Berthe Jonsdatter, f. ca 1771.  Could she be Ragnhild's sister??


Child # 2 was Anna Malene, born 1807.  Witnesses were Christen M Grønbech, John R Grønbech and Elen Grønbech (all from Stokmarken), Helene Re (probably Helena Hartiviksdtr Rå), and Rebecha Femer? (maybe Rebekke Hansdtr, foster daughter at Lechang øvre in 1801).


Child # 3 was Rebecca Johanne, born 1812 at Lechang.  Witnesses were Jonette (Maursund) Schielderup (wife of Søren R.), Birgitte Maursund, Anne Marie Poulsen, Jens Bing Dreyer (at Hassel in 1801) and P.A. Poulsen.


What's interesting about this is that Jonette is at Gulsta in 1801.  Also at Gulsta is Ragnel Middelboe, age 36.  But it says she is married, and in the marriage record to Johannes, Ragnhild is shown as unmarried.


Child # 4 was Anna Agathe, born 1818 at Indbjør.  Witnesses were Else Cathe Munch Lechang, Sara Røst Schielderup Melboe, Ane Chirstina Johannesdtr (Jørgensdtr??) Steene, Ole W Lorentzen Hanøen, and Jørgen Steen Steijloe.


Ragnhild died at Vasvik in 1838 at age 69 (f. ca 1769).  See here:

Permanent sidelenke: http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?idx_kildeid=16712&idx_id=16712&uid=ny&idx_side=-155


Johannes died at Indbjør in 1846.  It's not clear why, 8 years earlier, Ragnhild was at Vasvik.


I know this is a lot of information.  I was hoping someone might see a pattern that will help me figure out where Ragnhild came from..




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