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Olav Bonesmo

Amerikaeksperter: Hans Eriksen Sogge Megård til USA1887.

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Olav Bonesmo

Fra notatene til min oldefar Lauritz Eriksen har jeg følgende om Hans Eriksen fra Grytten, MR:


Født 1865.

Reist til USA1887.

Forlovet 1912, gift tidlig 1914, kone Cora.

Seattle 1930?

Baudette august 1936.

Ut fra brevene ser det ut til at Hans og Cora er barnløse, det er ingen lykkønskninger mht. noen dåp.


Oldefar dør 1939, og det ser ut til at Hans Eriksen da fortsatt er i live.


Kan en Amerikaekspert bistå meg med å finne opplysninger om Hans liv i USA, og når han dør?


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Ann-Mary Engum
Ann-Mary Engum
Ann-Mary Engum

Kanskje en slektning av Cora Mitgard ( Cornelia Dagoberg) som har postet dette?


Posted by: Susan Dagoberg MacMillan (ID *****6600) Date: July 30, 2010 at 18:06:28 In Reply to: Re: Malmohus Lan, Sweden geography by Judy Baouab of 44359

This is some of the information I was given: My great grandfather was Paul Dagoberg, born in Dagstorp, Skane Sweden, April 29, 1856. He emigrated to America in 1881. His parents were:
Lars Andersson, born 1810
Elna Ivarsson Anderson

Brothers and Sisters:
Kjersti Nilsson
Ellen Anderson
Anna Nilsson
Nils Larson
Ingar Larson
Ivar "Evert" Dagoberg, married Elna Munson, had two daughters born in Sweden, Cornelia and Esther, all emigrated in 1883.

Mons (last name ?)
Anders (last name ?)

John Dagoberg, married Celi Persson, childhood friend from Sweden in 1886 in America

There were two other Ivars (brothers), one lived 1 month and the other 1 year.

Paul came back to Sweden returning in 1883 accompanied by Sophie Pehrson. They were married in New York. Sophie died after one year leaving an infant daughter, Edith. In 1886 he married Lovisa Furst, who had come with her parents (Axel Furst) from Sweden.

Alot of what you found matched. You were able to fill in alot of the dates.

Yes it is strange that the emigration records have there names Paul Larsson Ivarsson, John Larsson Ivarsson, and Ivar Larsson Ivarsson.








Warren Sheaf from Warren, Minnesota · Page 1


November 16, 1921

Warren Sheaf from Warren, Minnesota · Page 1 Publication: Warren Sheaf i Location: Warren, Minnesota Issue Date: Wednesday, November 16, 1921 Page: Page 1



TREASURER fHASf^S ED AWAY E. Dagoberg is Summoned Suddenly At .... to join Mr. Mitgard and with him escort the body of Mr. Dagoberg to Warren, where ...




Evart Dagoberg

Minnesota, Deaths and Burials, 1835-1990

birth: 1851   death: 12 November 1921 Minneaplis, Hennepin, Minnesota father: Iver Nelson mother: Elva Iverson spouse: Elna Monson Dagoberg


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Olav Bonesmo

Anne, Ann-Mary - mange takk for opplysningene! Har nå mere kjøtt på bena mht. å forstå hvorfor min oldefar fikk så god støtte av sin bror til å holde hodet over vannet som eneforsørger av 10 barn på en skrøpelig husmannsplass.

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