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Carla J Tweeton

Anders Emil Engelbretson from Sweden to Øymark parish in Ostfold, Norway; then where?

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Carla J Tweeton

Anders Emil Engelbretson was born 6 Oct. 1866 Västra Fågelvik or possibly Holmedal, Varmland Sweden.   He was born to Erik

Engelbretson and Mariane Andersdotter , married 21 Sept. 1834.  The family moved to Øymark parish , Ostfold County Norway , living at a farm named Sloreby.   When the parents and younger children emigrated to the US in 1882 , Anders Emil is not listed with the family.

Some information from Sweden states he is not listed there after visiting his sister and husband there.  It is thought he might have returned to Norway to live or perhaps emigrated later to Wisconsin or Minnesota where his  parents located.   Any help would be appreciated .  Thank you.

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Carla J Tweeton

I think I just made a big mistake in the name of Anders Emil;  it should be Anders Emil Erikson if he stayed in Norway or Sweden.  Sorry'

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Ann-Mary Engum


Anders Emil Eriksen

Norway Census, 1875





Fuglevik Sverige



Sloreby, Aremark, Østfold, Norway




Erik Engebretsen, Mari Anna Andersdatter, Schallotta Eriksdatter, Elise Eriksdatter, Johan Edvart Eriksen, Emma Mathilde Eriksdatter...



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Sven Hjortland

The correct date of birth for Anders Emil Eriksson is 6th of November 1866.

Place of birth: Stommen - Västra Fågelvik



Edited by Sven Hjortland

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Tor Weidling

The family is mentioned in "Gårds- og slektshistorie for Øymark", vol. II, p. 548:


Erik and Marianne and the children Emma Mathuilde, Karl Anton and Nils Olai went to America 1882


Anna Sjarlotte went to Kråkstad (Akershus county) 1867


No further information about Lisa, Marie, Anders Emil and Johan Edvard



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