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Ole P. Gamme

Emigranter fra Hadeland, finner de ikke igjen.

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Ole P. Gamme

Hei. Siden 2002 har Kontaktforum samlet opplysninger om de kanskje 12000 som utvandret fra Hadeland til Amerika og Canada. Fortsatt er flere hundre vi ikke har funnet opplysninger om. Vi har fått god hjelp av flere her på Brukernes eget forum. I siste nummer av Brua, Hadelandlag of Americas medlemsblad, hadde vi denne liste over emigranter vi ikke har opplysninger om. Vi vil bli veldig takknemmelig hvis noen kan finne spor av noen av disse. Mvh. Ole P. Gamme.



Searching for emigrants from Hadeland for whom we do not have any record

after the emigration to America

Information about what happened to these families can be sent to Ole Gamme

and the members of Kontaktforum Hadeland-Amerika.


1. Olavus Olsen (Olaus Hansen), b. Sep 29, 1848 at Borger in Norderhov, emigr. Sep 16, 1881 to Johnstown, N. Y. with wife Fredrikke Andersdtr., b. Oct 30, 1846 at Mellerud in Jevnaker and children, Olaf, b. ca. 1877 and Mikal, b. Dec 18, 1880 at Ballangrud in Lunner. Olavus and Fredrikke mar. Oct 28, 1876 in Jevnaker.

Olavus’ parents: Ole Hansen and Maren Olsdtr., mar. ca. 1840 in Norderhov?

Fredrikke’s parents: Anders Olsen and Malene Hansdtr., mar. Apr 4, 1843 in Jevnaker.

Olavus’ brother, Ole Christian Olsen, b. Jul 27, 1858 at Finstad in Gran, emigr. May 12, 1880 to Quebec.


2. Knud Knudsen, b. Mar 9, 1841 in Torpa, Land, emigr. Jul 1, 1881 to Yankton with wife Johanna Andersdtr., b. Oct 3, 1853 in Haug, Norderhov and children: Karl Andreas, b. Nov 27, 1877 at Nesbakken in Jevnaker and Gunda, b. Mar 4, 1880 at Nøklebyeiet in Jevnaker.


3. Sophie Hansdtr., b. Oct 21, 1857 at Klypen in Lunner. Emigr. from Lunner Mar 29, 1892 to Le Forest, WI. Her sister, Mathea, b. Mar 31, 1860 at Klypen, emigr. 1904. Both were in America in 1904 when their mother died.


4. Gulbrand Olsen, b. May 5, 1861 at Bratvoldseiet in Jevnaker, emigr. Jun 15, 1881 to Fergus Falls, MN. His brother, Iver, b. Oct 22, 1863 at Bratvoldseiet, emigr. Mar 25, 1882 to St. Paul.

Parents: Ole Brynildsen and Dorthe Gulbrandsdtr., mar. Dec 28, 1855 in Jevnaker.


5. Halvor Pedersen, b. Jan 7, 1848 at Kingeeiet in Jevnaker, emigr. Apr 10, 1869. His siblings, a. Gudbrand Pedersen (Enger), b. Apr 8, 1853 in Gaardsrudbakken in Jevnaker, emigr. Mar 24, 1882 to Blair, NE; b. Randi Pedersdtr., b. Feb 20,1855 in Gaardsrudbakken, emigr. Apr 21, 1880 to Monroe, WI.


6. Karen Olsdtr., widow, b. Feb 9, 1824 at Skøienengeiet in Lunner, emigr. Sep 4, 1885 to Red Wing, MN with her daughter Petra Monsdtr., b. Jun 6, 1866 at Kjørveneiet in Lunner, Karen’s son, Olaus Monsen, b. Jan 1, 1863 at Kjørveneiet, emigr. Mar 29, 1863 to Monroe, WI.

Karen’s husband: Mons Olsen b. Dec 24, 1832, died Mar 19, 1885.


7. Helene Christiansdtr., b. May 9, 1861 at Skøien in Lunner, emigr. Jun 6, 1885 to MN. Her sister, Ingeborg Maria Christiansdtr., b. Feb 16, 1865 at Skøien, emigr. Nov 12, 1901 to New York.

Parents: Christian Andersen and Gubjør Hansdtr., mar. Oct 17, 1855 in Jevnaker.


8. Knud Pedersen, b. Aug 1, 1853 at Lynneeiet in Gran, emigr. Jun 18, 1886 with wife Kjersti Pedersdtr., b. ca. 1856 and children: Anna Kristine Knudsdtr., b. Jul 8, 1884 and Peder Knudsen, b. Mar 24, 1886, both born at Grumstadeiet in Lunner. Knud and Kjersti mar. Jan 1, 1882 in Jevnaker.

Knud’s parents: Peder Eriksen and Kirstine Knudsdtr., mar. Nov 27, 1853 in Gran.


9. Tobias Andersen, b. Aug 13,1864 at Moeseiet in Jevnaker, emigr. Mar 3, 1886 to Rothsay, MN. His brother, Andreas Andersen, b. Jan 7, 1867 at Moeseiet, emigr. Apr 22, 1887 to Rothsay, MN.

Parents: Anders Jensen and Anne Dorthea Tobiasdtr., mar. Jul 4, 1857 in Jevnaker.


10. Anders Gustavsen, b. Aug 27, 1863 at Grinereiet in Gran, emigr. Apr 15, 1886 to New York. His brother, Martin Gustavsen, b. Jul 2, 1866 at Rækkeneiet in Tingelstad, emigr. May 13, 1887 to Kindred, ND.

Parents: Gustav Johannesen and Else Karine Andersdtr., mar. Jan 14, 1862 in Gran.


11. Ingeborg Olsdtr., b. Apr 30, 1857 at Kraggerudseiet in Lunner, emigr. May 5, 1881 to Monroe, WI. Her sister, Karoline Olsdtr., b. Mar 8, 1873 at Stubbhytten in Lunner, emigr. Jul 25, 1889 to Drummond?

Parents: Ole Olsen and Karen Andersdtr., mar. Dec 28, 1853 in Lunner.


12. Johanne Jensdtr., b. Oct 7, 1860 at Roeneiet in Jevnaker, emigr. May 14, 1886 to New York with her son Albert Hjalmar Ottesen, b. Aug 25, 1882 at Nøklebyeiet. Johanne mar. Jun 12, 1882 in Jevnaker to Otto Julius Johannesen, b. May 12, 1855 in Båhus Län in Sweeden. He emigr. 1882 to America.

Johanne’s sister, Olava Jensdtr, b. Aug 2, 1870 at Nøklebyeiet in Jevnaker, emigr. attest Feb. 15, 1891.

Parents: Jens Jensen and Anne Jørgensdtr., mar Apr 4, 1857 in Jevnaker.

Edited by Ole P. Gamme

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Carla J Tweeton

Ole Gamme,


I found on the Public Records on Ancestory that Gulbrand Olsen (#4 on your list) has some family information.

It lists the parents as you have them.  It gives Fergus Falls as the place of death.  I shall stop at the Otter Tail

County Historical Society and look for an obituary.  Maybe this can help you. 



Carla Tweeton

Fergus Falls, MN

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Ole P. Gamme

Ole Gamme,


I found on the Public Records on Ancestory that Gulbrand Olsen (#4 on your list) has some family information.

It lists the parents as you have them.  It gives Fergus Falls as the place of death.  I shall stop at the Otter Tail

County Historical Society and look for an obituary.  Maybe this can help you. 



Carla Tweeton

Fergus Falls, MN


Hello Carla. Happy New Year. Thanks for helping. I have received some info from Marilyn Moen and Verlyn Anderson about Gulbrand Olsen's son, Olaf Olson Hallingby, here is my answer:

Dear Marilyn and Verlyn.


Thanks for the information about Gudbrand Olsen’s son Ingmar Olaf Olsen Hallingby. I had information about him, found on Ancestry.com

Ingmar Olaf is on form/Skjema 1574, see attachment.

His father, Gudbrand emigrated in 1881 and had Fergus Falls as destination. I have not been able to find him in US after he arrived.

The Family trees on Ancestry has him as died in Fergus Falls, but non of the trees has any records that proof this. Maybe they think he died there since he gave Fergus Falls as destination.

As you can see on form 1574, Ingmar Olaf’s mother Else Iversdtr. married to Magnus Johansen, had two daughters that also shall have emigrated. Karen Josefine, b. 08.05.1886, emigrated 1908 to New York, Inga Berta, b. 04.06.1888 shall also have emigrated, but I have not found when.

Else Iversdtr. died in Jevnaker in 1896, and Magnus and his three daughters, (Gina Annette, b. 04.03.1890 is the third one) moved to Modum in Buskerud where Magnus remarried. He died there in 1913. I have not found any of the three daughters in 1910 Census.


We have no info about Gudbrand’s Brother, Iver, born 1863 either. It is not easy to find emigrants when we not know which name they used, or, maybe they have went back to Norway?


Thanks to both of you for helping!


Carla, here is my answer about Gulbrand's brother Iver:


Hello Marilyn and Verlyn.


Thanks for your work with this emigrant searching.


Iver T. Olson is not the correct one. He emigrated from Lom in Gudbrandsdalen in June, 1903, and was born in Lom. His wife, Kari, emigrated from Lom in Sept. 1903 with children, Olaf, Anne, John and Halvor, all born in Lom.


“Our” Iver Olsen can be him that lived in Fergus Falls in 1885 with Hannah, 20 years old. They later married that year, but I have not found them in 1900.

I don’t find Iver Olson married 1887 to Ragna Pedersdtr. in 1900 either.

Not easy this!

Maybe the Church book has Iver Olson’s father’s names when he got married?


I have not received any information about Tobias Andersen or his brother Andreas either. Excellent if you can help. Thanks.


Here is the information I have on form/skjema 1574:

Skjema nr/Form No: 1574


Registreringsskjema for Emigranter til Amerika og Canada fra Hadeland

Hadeland Immigrant Identification Form


Emigrantenes navn, fødested og fødselsdato/Name, place and date of birth of the emigrants:

Ingmar Olaf Gudbrandsen (Olaf Hallingby), f. 23.02.1882 på Olimbseiet i Jevnaker.


Hvor reiste de fra/From where did they leave:

Hønefoss, Buskerud.


Når utvandret de/When did they emigrate:

20.4.1906 med Oscar II, ankom New York 2.5.1906.


Steder de bosatte seg/Where did they settle:

Brooklyn, NY, siden i Nassau, New York.


Hva livnærte de seg av/Occupation of the immigrants:

Snekker (carpenter).


Andre opplysninger/Additional information:

Gift 1.4.1914 I New York med Mary Ellen Touchey, f. 11.03.1897 i New York.

Barn: George W., (1914-1995); Iris G. (Mrs. Lawrence Joseph Petry) (1921-2011); Jane (Mrs. Maesel) (1932-2007).

Ingmar Olaf’s foreldre: Gudbrand Olsen og Else Iversdtr., ikke gift.

Ingmar Olaf døde 29.7.1956 i Nassau, New York, Mary Ellen døde 4.3.1984 i Palm Beach, Florida.


Andre familiemedlemmer som har emigrert/other family members who emigrated:

Ingmar Olaf’s far, Gudbrand Olsen, f. 05.05.1861 på Bratvoldseiet i Jevnaker, utv. 15.6.1881 til Fergus Falls, MN. Gudbrand gift? barn?

Gudbrand’s foreldre: Ole Brynildsen og Dorthe Gudbrandsdtr., gift 28.12.1855 i Jevnaker.

Gudbrand døde ……………… i ………………… (Fergus Falls, MN?)


Gudbrand’s bror, Iver, f. 22.10.1863 på Bratvoldseiet, utv. 25.3.1882 til St. Paul, MN.

Gift ? barn ? død …………………. i …………………………………….


Ingmar Olaf’s mor, Else Iversdtr., f. 08.07.1859 på Olimbseiet i Jevnaker, gift 10.12.1887 i Jevnaker med Magnus Johansen, f. 13.12.1863 på Gulleneiet i Jevnaker.

Deres barn som utv.:

1.Karen Josefine, f. 08.03.1886 på Olimbseiet, utv. 13.3.1908 fra Modum til New York.

Gift ? barn ? død ……………. i ……………………………..

2. Inga Berta, f. 04.06.1888 på Gulleneiet, utv. ……………………

Gift ? barn ? død …………… i ……………………………

Elses foreldre: Iver Gudbrandsen og Kirsti Ellingsdtr., gift 27.12.1843 i Jevnaker.

Else døde 2.7.1896 i Jevnaker, Magnus døde 26.6.1913 i Modum, Buskerud.


Opplysningene er fra/Sources of information:


Marilyn Moen, Rothsay, MN.


Greetings from Ole.

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