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Austin Lund

Inbound correspondence of a 1907 letter to Norwegian authorities? We have the outbound correspondence.

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Austin Lund

Hello, attached is a letter sent from the Norwegian authorities to a Lucilie Darmody on 19 Feb 1907, letting her know where her biological daughter, Aagot, was living at that time. After much research, we have proven that Lucilie Darmody is actually name Marie Fieldstad, by great-great grandmother, who was living at 213 Columbus Ave, New York in the 1905 NY State Census, and the 1910 U.S. Census. Marie had a boarder named James Darmody, who resided with her for almost 30 years. "Lucilie Darmody" is a pseudonym she used when she wrote her letter, which we do not have in our possession. Is there anywhere I can get a copy of the inbound correspondence from Lucilie Darmody to the Norwegian authorities? The letter from Lucilie may have arrived in Oslo, Norway on 29 Jan 1907 to the Kristiania police, I'm assuming. Aagot's foster parents were living is Oslo, and I'm assuming the police contacted the Aagot's foster parents on her whereabouts in America. Would the Norwegian archives have a copy of the letter from Lucilie? If so, how would I contact the Oslo police or the archives? I appreciate your help.post-9089-0-43778300-1462068218_thumb.jpg

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Grethe Flood

The Regional State Archives in Oslo (Norwegian name: Statsarkivet i Oslo) keeps the records left by the Kristiania (from 1925: Oslo) police from the early 20th century - contact information can be found here:




You may also try to send a request to the Regional State Archives in Oslo here (Ask Statsarkivet i Oslo): 



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