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frode aksnes

utvandret eller ikke ?? Fra Verdal Nord Trøndelag

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frode aksnes

 Jonetta Eriksdatter Årstad fødd 1847  Verdal. Far  Erik Olsen Årstad. Hvor  ble hun av ?

Ifolketellingen  1875 er hun her




Kan noen hjelpe meg her hvor hun ble av ?     Kansje hun emigrert, Vet ikke


Hilsen Frode Aksnes



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Ann-Mary Engum

Har du fødselsdato?

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Ann-Mary Engum

Fant ingen Jonetta Eriksdatter født 1847 i Fødselsregister for Verdal 1799-1895





Fødselsregister for Verdal 1799-1895


Wuku 15 08 1843 29 10 1843 Jonetta K E Erich Ole Aarstadvald G Karen Christen Aarstadvald G K.09.10.1859


Edited by Ann-Mary Engum

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Hans Gangstø

Fra www.rootsweb.com: 


From: "Wade" <3maedelw@sbcglobal.net
Subject: Re: [Tronder] Jonetta Eriksdt. Aarstad - The Breding book 
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 03:52:04 -0600 
References: <200801151450.m0FEoEkf023347@mail.rootsweb.com>,<90f2751f1ad24ee6bc9bb28231ac32f4@eot.com> 
In-Reply-To: <90f2751f1ad24ee6bc9bb28231ac32f4@eot.com>

Hello listers,

Jonetta was in Trondheim at the 1875 census, and emigrated with her 
brother in 1880, per Brit's previous postings. She is certainly not 
known to have been in Norway thereafter, as the later confirmation of 
her child seems to reinforce.

>From this point, there is nothing firm, and nothing else found. Her 
brother certainly settled in South Dakota, but as yet, no trace of 
Jonetta/e. Her son Anneus married in Norway and died there in 1938. 
There is some speculation about Jonette being in Minnesota or North 
Dakota, based on a reading some years ago of:

The Breding book : the family history of Bardo Olsen Breding and 
Karen Pedersdatter Jermstad...

Might anyone have access to this book? My understanding is that 
Jonetta might not be indexed in the book (I do not find her in the 
partial online book), but mentioned as perhaps having married, 2 
children, owned or operated a clothing/sewing store, died young, and 
perhaps appeared in a group photo in the book, but not listed as 
such. Not a lot to go on, but all there is at this point.

The other information, previously mentioned, concerning her birth, 
emigration, child out of wedlock, etc., is viewable via the usual 
online sources such as Fødselsregister for Verdal 1799-1895, parish 
records, Emigrants from Trondheim, and census. I have also checked 
various Minnehaha and Brookings county SD sources, U.S. census, 
Minnesota death index, etc., to no avail, though North Dakota, 
Minnesota, and perhaps still Wisconsin or Illinois remain possible.


> Hi Brit,
> I checked all the databases and records I have access to and could not 
> find anything with the information given about your Jonetta.
> She had a child:
> 10137 Vuku 27 02 1868 08 05 1868 Anneus M U H Olaus Peder 
> Jermstadvald U 1 Jonetta Erik Aarstadvald U K.30.09.1883
> Have you gone through all the Churchbooks online looking for her 
> emigration, marriage or death?

> When the child is confirmed, she is not listed as a parent, Ole 
> Andorsen and Beret Olsd are.
> #2
> Source information: Nord-Trøndelag county, Vuku in Verdal, Parish 
> register copy nr. 724C03 (1879-1898), Confirmation records 1883, page 
> 171.
> Permanent pagelink: 
> idx_kildeid=6627&idx_id=6627&uid=ny&idx_side=-172
> Permanent imagelink: 

> Margit

> >
> > From: Brit Andersen <britandersen@start.no>
> > To: trondelag@rootsweb.com
> > Subject: Jonætta Eriksdt.Aarstad
> >
> >
> > Could someone help me find information on my
> > husband's great-grandmother, Jonetta Eriksdatter
> > Aarstad? She was born in Verdal(en) Aug. 15,
> > 1843. Her year of emigration is uncertain, but
> > she may be the Jonetta Eriks., aged 31, who
> > leaves Trondheim in 1880 on a prepaid ticket,
> > destined for Chicago. On the same boat is her
> > brother, Johannes Eriksen Aarstad, and his
> > family, who gave Menomonie, Wisconsin, as their
> > destination. He later settled in Minnehaha Co.,
> > South Dakota. His descendants cannot shed any
> > light on what happened to Jonetta. She was
> > unmarried when she emigrated, but she had a son
> > out of wedlock in Verdal in 1868.
> >
> > Jonetta may have stayed on in Wisconsin or
> > followed her brother to South Dakota, and in both
> > cases probably changed name either through
> > marriage or used another name different from
> > Erickson or Aarstad/Orstad. She is not found in
> > any census with those names, anyway. Neither is
> > she mentioned in the Minnehaha County history
> > book, originally published in Norwegian, but later translated into 
> > English.
> >
> > I hope someone can help me.
> >
> >
> > Brit Andersen

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frode aksnes

hei   Det vart feil årstall     hun er fødd 15 august   1843

Edited by frode aksnes

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Ann-Mary Engum

Emigranter fra Trondheim 1867-1930


18637 1880 57 27 509 1 14.04.1880 14.04.1880 Johannes E. Aarstad Jordbruger m 32 Værdalen Menomonie Wisc Cunard Dampskib Tasso 861 0


18638 1880 57 28 510 14.04.1880 14.04.1880 Sirianna Aarstad Kone k 43 Værdalen Menomonie Wisc Cunard Dampskib Tasso


18639 1880 57 29 511 14.04.1880 14.04.1880 Ole Martin Aarstad Søn m 11 Værdalen Menomonie Wisc Cunard Dampskib Tasso


18640 1880 57 30 512 14.04.1880 14.04.1880 Ragnhild Aarstad Datr k 9 Værdalen Menomonie Wisc Cunard Dampskib Tasso


18641 1880 57 31 513 14.04.1880 14.04.1880 Anton Aarstad Søn m 7 Værdalen Menomonie Wisc Cunard Dampskib Tasso


18642 1880 57 32 514 14.04.1880 14.04.1880 Kristiana Aarstad Datr k 3 Værdalen Menomonie Wisc Cunard Dampskib Tasso



Emigrerte samme dag som Johannes E Aarstad:

Emigranter fra Trondheim 1867-1930


18646 1880 57 36 518 1 14.04.1880 14.04.1880 Jonætta Eriks. Pige k 31 Throndhjem Chicago Ill Cunard Dampskib Tasso Bill. bet. i Amerika


Edited by Ann-Mary Engum

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frode aksnes

Tydeligvis kansje er  det 2 barn der borte. etter jonetta  . Blir vel bare å leite da

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