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Daniel Victor Hanson

Find Living Relatives in Norway

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Daniel Victor Hanson


My name is Daniel Hanson and I know that I have some living relatives in Norway...specifically in Lillistrom, Hamar and on a farm in the Gudbrandsdal Valley. I have contacted the Norwegian Genealogical Society with the information I have, but unfortunately, because all the relatives that I know about are women and have not retained their maiden names, the Society has not been successful in finding any of them. Following is a recap of all I know:


The family names we have are Wildhagen, Jorgensen, Klovstad (I am related to Eva Klovstad, a resistance fighter in WWII), Andreas and others. The last living relative I had contact with was Anne Lene Wildhagen, Hagan Terr 2. 0377, Oslo, Norway. She died sometime between 2012 and 2015 and is survived by her children and some cousins. I have a letter from her identifying them, but she did not provide last names or addresses, but said that they lived in Hamar, Lillestrom, Lesja and Gudbrandsdal. Anne Lene Wildhagen's cousins were Eva, daughter of Fridhjof (Hamar), Inger, daughter of Frida (Lesja/Gudbrandsdal) and Gerd and Else, daughters of Astrid (Lillestrom). I have a letter from my father's last contact from Anna Lene Wildhagen listing his living relatives and their locations, as well as some other records that she found, but it is a scanned document and is too large to attach it to this forum. I have another scan of several pages of genealogy that my mother prepared, but it is also too large. On the first page is my father's Norwegian mother, Alfhild Caroline Olsen (Molinder) and she is the last in the line from Norway except my deceased father, Ray Thor Hanson, my sister and me. I have learned that I am related to Eva Klovstad nee Jorgensen who was the daughter of Fridhjof Jorgensen who was Alf Jorgensen's brother and Georg Andrea's son. She married Tov Klovstad and she died on June 8, 2014. 


If there is some other way to send the scanned documents I have, please someone let me know and I will do that. Also, you can contact me at my personal email address which is daniel.hanson@hoodcanalclan.com.



I am contemplating a trip to Norway this summer and would love to make contact with any of my relatives. If someone reading this knows any of my relatives and/or how to contact them I would greatly appreciate you responding to me with any information that would help me.


Mange tusen takk,


Daniel Hanson

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Seksjon for brukertjenester

Dear Mr Hanson,


Unfortunately, the National Archives is unable to assist in tracing living relatives, partly because archival records are normally transferred to us after reaching an age of at least 25 years. We wish you luck in your further genealogical research and regret not being able to help you.


Yours sincerely,



The National Archives of Norway

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