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Rick Mathews

Mormonerne Pakken

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Rick Mathews

Hei alle!


I apologize for writing in English.  


I have heard of a record called Mormonerne Pakken.  I have several family members who may be included in this.  Does anyone know if it has been scanned and added to the digital akiv?  Or is it only available for research at the Riksarkivet?


Any help is appreciated.  Takk på forhand!






This is what I have found about it:  

Mormon Files [Mormonerne Pakken]

Research use: These records will make it possible to find most of the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Norway. Many of these members were never well documented by the L.D.S. Church, some never emigrated or lost contact with the Church. These records will also provide detailed information about member emigrants who are undocumented or poorly documented in the L.D.S. emigration sources presently available. These will prove to be a valuable tool and resource for any member whose ancestors joined the L.D.S. Church in Norway.

Record type: Records gathered by Norwegian government agencies regarding members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These include files kept by the Department of Justice and files kept by the Department of Religion and Education.

Time period: 1851 to 1940.

Contents: Lists of Mormons and those affiliated with Mormons listed parish by parish. These were submitted by local priests at the request of police officials. Also lists of persons baptized, emigrating, arrested for preaching, and so forth. Also files pertaining to court cases involving Mormons, their crimes of preaching, their imprisonment and so forth. Provides names and residences, sometimes ages, dates of baptism, activities.

Location: The National Archives of Norway [Riksarkivet] has the files of the Department of Religion and Education; these are in Section KUD - Kontor A, Pakke - Mormonerne. Judicial files are kept at the archives of the Department of Justice in the city of Oslo; these are in Section JPD - Trossamfunn Samling - Mormon Pakke.


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Anne-Lise Hansen

I think you will have to ask RIKSARKIVET (The National Archives) about the content of this package:


Kirke- og undervisningsdepartementet, Kontoret for kirke og geistlighet A - RA/S-1007/D/Dc/L0239/0007




The forum for Riksarkivet:


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Anne-Lise Hansen

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