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Carl Geschwind

Sailors in Danish-Norwegian navy 1783

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Carl Geschwind

In October 1783 "enrolleret matros Andreas Jansen Loots" was the father of a son baptised in Kristiansand (see entry 111 on right-hand side). He was originally born in Hamburg about 1751. Are there any muster rolls or other resources for sailors in the Danish/Norwegian navy at this time? A search for Sjømannsruller on digitalarkivet.no does not bring up anything for this time period. Thank you!

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Olaf Larsen

Hello Carl, welcome to the forum.

It is not much help to your question, I'm afraid, but at least I found another Loots: Captain Jan Egbert Loots



May I suggest that you also take a look at the english version of the overview of the more than 50000 Genealogical resources in another forum:



In case you haven't used any norwegian resources before: Almost all are free to use, but some may require that you log in with a free account, and a few - in particular the norwegian national library - are limited to be accessed by norwegian ip-addresses.

Endret av Olaf Larsen

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Carl Geschwind

Hi Olaf:


Thank you! Yes, all of the digitized resources at digitalarkivet, as well as the DIS Norge Gravminner, are invaluable resources - it is much easier researching Norwegian ancestors than German ones (parish books for Hamburg for 1751, for example, exist, but have not been put online).


And I have just joined Slekt og Data.





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