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Bodill Gulbrandsdatter Heen

Les Compton

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I have some questions about Bodill Gulbrandsdatter’s Feb 9, 1668 skifteprotokoll, and I would greatly appreciate some help from someone who can read the old handwritten records. The probate index card for her skifteprotokoll indicates she died at the Hen (Heen) farm in Rakkestad district. It also indicates she was the wife of “Anders…….” and the mother of Anders Andersen and four other children (Marit, Ronnou, Siri, and “Daarell ?”). It also shows she was a relatively wealthy woman, who owned land at five different farms, including Hen in Rakkestad. Online sources indicate her husband was Anders Torersen Heen  (father of Torer Andersen Heen) and that she was the daughter of Gulbrand Frantzsen Hornes of Skjeberg. My primary interest is to find out if her skifteprotokoll indicates any such information. I’ve looked through the actual skifteprotokoll, but I only understand a few words in Norwegian and can not read the old handwriting.  The web addresses for the probate card and the skifteprotokoll are:



Perhaps someone could find an answer to some of these questions.

Is there a mention of Gulbrand Frantzen, or the Hornes farm, or Skjeberg parish?

Is anyone besides Bodill indicated with the patronym Gulbrandsdatter or Gulbrandsen?

Is there an indication that Bodill inherited part of the Hornes farm (maybe Kaare Hornes) in Skjeberg or any other farmland?

Is there any information about Bodill's husband, Anders, such as his last (patronymic) name, any land he may have inherited, where he was living if alive, or when and where he died? Was any probate of his mentioned?

Is there any information about Bodill’s son Anders Andersen, such as any land he may have inherited or where he was living. He should have been married. Is there any indication of this?

Is Torer Andersen Heen mentioned?

Is something else mentioned about members of Bodill’s family?

Although English would be easier for me, a reply in Norwegian certainly would be very helpful.  I can often use Norwegian to English dictionaries as needed to correct Google translations of discussions I’ve found on this forum. I would be grateful to hear back from anyone who is interested.

Thanks, Les

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