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What happened to Anders Andersen Heen

Les Compton

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Trying again about Bodill Gulbrandsdatter's son Anders Andersen Heen. Most of his background seems to be a mystery. Could someone take a look at her 1668 skifteprotokoll from Rakkestad to see if it says anything about her son Anders Andersen, such as where he was living, if he was married, or what he inherited? The probate index card for her only mentions his name. I've tried to do this myself, but I've not been able to read enough of the old Norwegian handwriting to find anything about him. 


Some discussion I've seen on this forum indicates his father was Torer Andersen Heen, but I'm not sure about the quality of the information. 


Her skifteprotokoll starts at bottom of the page on the left:


The index card:







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This is a summary of whats written previously at the forum about the family



#13 + #15 author "Gjest Rigmor Waler Iversen" written August 26/27, 2004 (translated)


Anders Andersen b. 1623 Heen, d. 1690 (unknown wife)


Anders Andersen was a son of


Anders Torersen b. 1590 Heen, d. 1659 and

Bodil Gulbrandsdatter

b.ca 1600 Hornes in Skjeberg, d. 1667.


Anders Torersen was a son of


Torer Nilsen b. 1560 Vestre Førrisdal, d. ca 1624 Heen.
Torer was odelsboy in Førrisdal.

Because he acquired Heen through marriage
he later 1623 sold half the farm to his son in law
Bjørn Tostensen.
The remaining half was used by two other daughters.


Married to Rønnaug Andersdatter f. Heen. She had inherited Heen.
Her ancestors are unknown.


Torer Nilsen was a son of Niels Torersen, Vestre Førrisdal

Source: A genealogy book limited edition published 1993,
titled "Slekta vår" (our ancestry/clan) by Rubert A. Kleiven.
The farm history of these estates are covered: Greaker, Haug,

Vatvedt, Berger, Lilleheier, Storeheier, Vatnemellom, Sandbekk,

Ås, Wæhle, Førrisdal, Heen and more.



Possibly "Slekta vår" 1993 by Rubert A. Kleiven

is available from an American Library.


or the Scandinavian Antique Books shop


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Hi Astrid,

Thank you for getting back. I appreciate it !  


I actually have read the posts you kindly mention about Anders Andersen Heen, and I have received some nice help on this forum about Anders and Slekta Var from Marius Hellerud. What I am attempting to do is find out what an original source has to say about Anders in order to check the accuracy of secondary sources that mention him. There ought to be something about Anders in his mother Bodill Gulbrandsdatter Heen's 1668 probate, since the index card for that probate identifies him along with her other children. Her probate is the only original source I personally know of that might be useful, and I understand that Slekta Var does not show the source of its information about Anders.


I remain hopeful that someone will get back about Bodill's probate. My previous post on this thread gives the web address.


Again, thank you for  your interest and help.


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This request involves more assistance than normally whats offered at the forum. But using a payment service, that is asking a genealogist doing this for you in exchange for some sort of compensation, is perhaps possible. Transcribing a probate might be done in less than a week.

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3 timer siden, Les Compton skrev:

I wasn't sure if I was asking too much. Thank for clarifying the rules.


There are no absolute rules. Post in correct forum and someone might answer :-)

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Åsbjørg refers to the parallel forum for "tyding" (interpretation, deciphering), see the link given.

Nevertheless - now your inquiry is here...


There is not much about Anders in the probate. As far as I can see, the name of his father is not mentioned.

His role here is as the "elder" (and apparently only) son of Bodil.

His wife - if any - would not have any role in this probate, and is not mentioned.


He is named "Heen"/"Henn"/"Heenn" (all variants), which may indicate that he is residing at the farm.

However, also sister Marette's husband Olle is also named by the farm name.


Anders inherits half of Hen, while Siri (i.e. her children) and Marette each inherits 1/4 of Hen.

There are other real properties, as well.

A previous probate (after their father) is referred, with some breach that had to be corrected.

Olle and Anders makes an agreement about the farm Bodal, where Anders transfers the "odel" ot Olle.

This may indicate (but not show) that Olle intended to move to Bodal.



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