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Robert Schultz

Looking for Information on Thomas Schytte and Johanne Morch

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Robert Schultz
I am reaching out to see if your organization or members has any information on the Schytte or Morch families.
My great grandfather, Peter Andreas Schytte emigrated from Norway to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A. in 1874.  I am trying to trace the family back and learn about the family and the history of the area they were from.
Here is what I know:
My great grandfather was:
Peter Andreas Schytte
Born May 3, 1848
Sarpsborg, Norway (from the 1865 Census)
Emigrated to the U.S. on the ship Hero in 1874
Died in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1913
His parents were:
Father:  Thomas Julius Schytte
Born 1815
Fredrickshald, Norway
Casserer at Sparebanken in 1875
Treasurder at Sparebanken in 1885
Mother:  Johanne Margrete Morch
Born 1809
Glemminge Prg., Norway
Peter had a younger brother named Emil.
It appears that there was a period of about 50 or 60 years where Norway had "numberical" censuses and did not collect information on names and relationships.  I see people with the same or similar names in earlier periods, but can not establish the relationships.
I am trying to find out more information on these people, and if possible, information on who their ancestors were.  I did find a picture of my great grandfather's brother Emil on the Oslo Museum web site.
Are there any descendants still living in the area that may have photos or other information?
I have looked on the following sites provided by Østfold Museums, but may have missed resources due to the web page translators.


The National Archives User Forum: https://forum.arkivverket.no/forum/6-brukernes-eget-forum/

The Norwegian Genealogy Union: http://www.genealogi.no/


You can also try contacting historical societies in the county of Østfold:

Idd History Team: http://www.idd.no/

Østfold historielag: www.ostfoldhistorielag.org
Sarpsborg historielag: sarpsborghistorielag.wordpress.com
Skjeberg historielag: www.skjeberg-historielag.org
Varteig historielag: www.varteig-historielag.no

Tune History Team: https://www.tunehistorielag.com/


Here is an overview over other photo collections:


Unfortunately, after four generations of living in the U.S. I am only able to communicate in English.
Thank you for any information you may have.
Robert Schultz
1 (916) 354-2537
6320 Rio Oso Drive
Rancho Murieta, California, 95683 USA

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Eva Tomter

The Christening of Thomas is not in the Churchbook, the period 1812-Oct 1815 is missing.

Thomas Julius Schytte and Johanne Margrethe Morch, the wedding: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20060331031020 no 10

Census 1875:https://www.digitalarkivet.no/census/person/pf01052005001890 

Cencus 1885: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/census/person/pf01053250000127 living in Sarpsborg. 

Death of Thomas: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20060907060161 no 19


Emil was married to Johanne Godager b. 1853 in Flensburg, their son Carl was born in 1875 in Sarpsborg.

Emil Alexander worked as First Mate, the deck officer second in command to the master of a merchant ship.

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Ivar Moe

Hi Robert 

Are you familiar with this book about the Mørch family ?




Endret av Ivar Moe

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Ann-Mary Engum




E. Johan Christian Mørch og hans familiegren




Johanne ("Hanna") Mørch blev 10de mai 1840 gift i gamle Glemminge kirke med kjøbmand og senere bankkasserer i Sarpsborg "Thomas" Julius Schytte, f. 1815. d. i Sarpsborg "Thomas" Julius Schytte, f. 1815. d. i Sarpsborg juni 1891. 4 barn:

  1. Sopfie, f. ca. 1842, d. som barn.
  2. Thora f. ca. 1845, d. som barn.
  3. Peter Andreas, f. i Sarpsborg 1848, d. i U. S. A. i 1910. Han blev gift i Amerika og efterlater sig flere barn. Sjømand.
  4. Alexander Emil, f. i Sarpsborg 27de mars 1852. Styrmand 1875. Gift med Johanne Godager, f. i Sarpsborg 16de juli 1853. 4 barn:
    1. Oskar, f. 1875. Gift i Amerika med en enke Bell. De har en datter Ida, f. 1902.
    2. Thora f. 1878. Gift i Amerika med Albert Gentsen, f. 1875. Ingen barn.
    3. Adolf, f. 1880. Gift i Amerika med Alma Foss. f. 1879. 2 barn:
      a) Edgar, f. 1910.
      b) Wiliam, f. 1915.
    4. Thomas, f. 1883. Ugift. Hele familien er utvandret til U. S. A."


Endret av Ann-Mary Engum

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Ivar Moe



Johanne's parents




Endret av Ivar Moe

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Ivar Moe

Continued from previous post ....


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Robert Schultz

Wow!!!  This is great information.  Thank you.  


Peter Schytte changed his name to a number of variations after he arrived in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  He ended up with the last name of Schultz.






I have compile about a 12 page summary of the family in America and have a few photos if there is an interest.


Do you know if the information in the book that was included is the same as the English translation on the link provided, or are those separate sources?


Thank you again for your time and efforts.

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Ann-Mary Engum


Peter S. Schultz

Birth: May 3, 1848, NorwayDeath: Nov. 12, 1913trans.gif
Family links: 
  Alexander Peter Schultz (1902 - 1952)*
*Calculated relationship
Good Hope Cemetery 
Milwaukee County
Wisconsin, USA
Plot: Section 5 Block 6 Lot 15 
Edit Virtual Cemetery info [?] 
Created by: Diane's Spare Time
Record added: Feb 12, 2017 
Find A Grave Memorial# 176270044https://old.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=176270044



Vital Information




Endret av Ann-Mary Engum

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Robert Schultz

The information you provided allowed me to connect to records in www.familysearch.org on the Morch side of the family back to the 1500's.


1)  Do you know if the book shown above is at a site where it can be downloaded or emailed?

2)  Is there any information on the Schytte family that goes past Thomas?  I see out in your archives:

       August 11, 1754 Death of Andreas Hansen Schytte (born 1696)

       September 27, 1754 - Marriage of Andreas Schytte and Elsebe Johanna

       1801 Census - Andreas Weyer Schytte - Born 1737

     Are there any materials that would allow me to connect if there is a relationship between Thomas and these people?

3)  Are there any web sites used in Norway like www.findagrave.com that would have photos of the graves or other information?

4)  Do your archives focus on people still in Norway, or their descendants as well?  I have been purchasing from the various clerk's offices copies of birth, marriage, and death records of the descendants of Peter Schythe after he came to America.  I have written about a 12 page summary.  I can email them if there is an interest.  (They will be larger than the 1 meg that I could attach here).


Thank you again for the great help you have been.  


Rob Schultz

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