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Jay Hagfeldt

John Olsen - Nord Trøndelag

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Jay Hagfeldt



I'm hoping someone can offer their opinion regarding 2 marriage entries for John Olsen of Stjørdal parish in Nord-Trøndelag.


Here are the images/links:




The first image shows the marriage record of John Olsen of Mørset? and Kari (Karen) Andersdatter of Ingstad?, married 18 January 1822.

They had two children together, Ole and Karen.  Kari died 18 November 1824.

I assumed that John Olsen married Kari's younger sister Ingeborg (2nd image) on 24 April 1826, but now I'm not so sure.

The fathers listed on the marriage records for John Olsen are different (Ole Larsen and Ole Johnsen) and I think the ages are 10 years apart.


I'm having difficulty translating the titles and places and can use some help in the translation.


Thanks so much.

Jay Hagfeldt

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Berit Knudsen

1. jan. 1822 batchelor John Olsen, 30 1/2 y., father Ole Larsen Møsetplads.

24. april 1826 batchelor John Olsen, b. Mell...? , 26/35? y, father Ole Johnsen.

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Jay Hagfeldt

Thanks for your help, Berit.




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