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Julius Martin Olsen f. 1846 i Eidsvoll, utvandret 1887 til Minnesota med familie. Hvor ble han av?

Birgit Gordon

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Jeg holder på med å gå gjennom mitt familietre. Ser at jeg har gjort mange feil i begynnelsen, som å ikke notere kilder. Jeg har søkt gjennom arkivet og ikke funnet at jeg har spurt om dette før.

Jeg leter etter Julius Martin Olsen f. 1846 i Eidsvoll av foreldre Ole Torgersen og Anne Mathea Johannesdatter. Følgende opplysninger har jeg:


Konfirmert i oktober 1861 i Langset ihht http://genealogi.no/militaere/konfirmerte-kommunikanter-i-eidsvoll-og-langset-1820-1880/test/assets/common/downloads/Konfirmerte kommunikanter i Eidsvoll og Langset 1820-1880.pdf


FT1865 https://www.digitalarkivet.no/census/person/pf01038024004607

FT1875: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/census/person/pf01052052001573

Utflytting 20.04.1887 : https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20060512020194

Utreise fra Norge 22.04.1887: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/view/8/pe00000001007065

Passasjerliste fra Qubec, Canada mai 1887 fra Ancestry (ikke abo lenger) http://interactive.ancestry.com/1263/e003546739/440716?backurl=http%3A%2F%2Fsearch.ancestry.com%2Fcgi-bin%2Fsse.dll%3FMS_AdvCB%3D1%26rank%3D1%26new%3D1%26MSAV%3D2%26msT%3D1%26gss%3Dangs-c%26gsfn%3Djonette%26gsfn_x%3D1%26gsln%3Dols*%26gsln_x%3D1%26msady%3D1887%26msady_x%3D1%26cpxt%3D0%26uidh%3Dp0a%26cp%3D0%26pcat%3D40%26h%3D440716%26db%3DCanadianPL%26indiv%3D1%26ml_rpos%3D1&ssrc&backlabel=ReturnRecord

En dødsdato jeg ikke vet hvor jeg har funnet: 28.07.189, 3027 18th Ave., Minneapolis, om denne stemmer vet jeg ikke.

Julius Martin reiser sammen med sin kone Berte Jonette Larsdatter f. 1843 i Eidsvoll. De giftet seg 03.01.1871 i Eidsvoll Kirke:  https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20060313011189

De får barna Laura Martine i 1871, Anton i 1873, Bernt i 1875, Ole i 1878, Johan i 1881, d. 1884, Martin i 1881, d. 1882, Marte Marie i 1883, Julie i 1886, d. 1886, Mina i 1886, d. 1886

Barn som reiser sammen med foreldrene er: Laura Martine, Anton, Bernt, Ole og Marte Marie. 

Julius Martins bror Laurits Olsen Wangen reiser samtidig, sammen med kone Anne Marie Olavsdatter og sønn Ole:  https://www.digitalarkivet.no/view/8/pe00000001007059


Noen som kan hjelpe meg med å finne flere opplysninger om Julius Martin og hva som skjedde med han? Jeg har ikke funnet ut hva som skjer med Berte Jonette. Det er noen tre på MyHeritage som sier hun døde i Eidsvoll den 03.01.1903, men jeg har ikke funnet henne.


Håper noen kan hjelpe meg med opplysninger om disse to til å begynne med. Helst opplysninger som ligger fritt på nettet 😉



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Name: Martin Oleson • Edit
Event Type: Death
Event Date: 28 Jul 1891
Event Place: Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States
Event Place (Original): Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Birth Year (Estimated): 1846
Father's Name: Ole Oleson • Edit
Mother's Name: Matilda Oleson • Edit
Page Number: 134
Edited by Sven Hjortland
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Parents are Martin Julius Olson 1846-1891,Berthe Jonette Larsdatter ?-1903

Laura Dale, Norwegian Emigrant

Many unashamed tears dropped to the floor of the old church as the Minister sadly started the last sermon Laura Martina Dale would attend on earth. He was telling the facts of her long and good life. She was born in 1871 near Oslo Norway and she lived there for the first 14 years of her life with her family. Grandma used to tell us about Norway. Very often she told about the way you could ski down the mountainside, go through a gate and be at her own door ; and about the beautiful lakes, colorful dances and many different and wonderful things about this land of her birth.

When she reached the age of 14, her parents decided to move to Minnesota in America where some relatives lived. That trip was probably the most interesting thing that ever happened to Laura Olsen, (her maiden name).

They set sail for England the night of April 20th, 1887 from Christiana,(Oslo) Norway to Hull, England and the trip was uneventful except for the newness of being on a ship. They left Norway on Friday and reached England Sunday morning. From Hull they boarded a train for Liverpool, where they had to meet a steamer. They arrived in Liverpool Monday noon, but had to wait for their boat for four days, which gave them a good chance to inspect the customs and manners of the English people. Friday they were transported to their boat from Liverpool by small tug boats, which proved very interesting.

After about a week at sea, 5 stowaways were discovered and 2 more were found each day for three days. They were brought on deck and fed, They ate like wild men because they had had little food for five days as they had brought very little along. The captain thought he would drop them off in Quebec, but one of them got hold of a bottle of liquor so he and his mates helped themselves. The captain set them ashore as soon as possible.

A few days later a bad storm arose and the people were put below deck. The small boat tossed and turned on the waves for about 24 hours while the frightened passengers were expecting to be drowned any time. After the sea had calmed, a rope was streched across the deck for the people to hang onto while walking. The young people had a lot of fun trying to keep their feet on the deck. Twelve days from Liverpool, they arrived in Quebec, Canada.

From there they boarded a train for Minnesota. The train had wooden benches for seats. When they reached the U.S.A., they boarded a Pullman car which had comfortable seats. Finally they reached their relatives farm near Minneapolis and enjoyed their first good meal since they left Norway.

Laura got a job on a farm owned by English people in Minnesota and they taught her English. While working there she met and fell in love with a young man named Joseph Dale and they were married in 1890. Soon after they married they bought a farm. In Minnesota, Laura had six children. Later, they came to Oregon to live in a small town named Scotts Mills. There two more children were added to the Dale family, the youngest of which is my mother, Lorena. A few years later they bought some land on a hill above Scotts Mills.

At first, Joe farmed his land with his family besides working at the coal mine. But as his farm grew larger and more prosperous, he quit the mine. He raised beans, loganberries, prunes and other things. All this time Joe and Laura's were growing up, getting married and moving away.

In Scotts Mills, Laura was always active in church, school, and civic affairs. She belonged to the Red Cross during the first World War and was very active in this too. In 1917, her two older boys joined the Army. That summer, my mother and her older sister, Beulah were playng near the creek with some friends. Some boys floating on a raft asked if the girls wanted a ride. Beulah and two other girls accepted while Lorena stayed on the bank as she was too young. The raft overturned and Beulah and her friends were drowned. They are buried in the Scotts Mills cemetary. When the war was over Laura's boys returned. Laura told us of the floats and parades.

Laura and Joe moved off the "hill" a few years ago because the long walk down to town was too much for their old bones to take. They didn't have a car. A few years ago, their next to oldest son came home to live because of blindness. And now she is dead and has left these two helpless men alone, one blind and the other quite old and deaf.

She didn't look like herself in death, the long month in bed in the hospital had taken the last strength from Laura's old body. But maybe it is just as well she did not look like herself. People can always remember the way she used to look, talk to them and say their names. If we can remember this she won't ever be dead. And so ended the life of my grandma, Laura Martina Dale, mother of eight, grandma of fifteen and the friend of many, many people.

Boneta, Oct. 1995: Shortly after Grandma Dale died I copied my mother Lorena's account of her mother's coming to America. I added the dramatic beginning and ending of the text and Vera added her own touch later and typed it. We were very melancholy teenagers.

Submitted by Ray Chapman,grandson
December 15,2018

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