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Murray Rystead

Inger Olavsdatter Rysstad 1908 - 1995

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Murray Rystead
Posted (edited)



Would anybody have information regarding Inger Knutsdatter Rysstad? Her dad was Olav Knutsson Rysstad (1877-1924). 


There was very little information of her in the Valle Kommune volume 1 and also a profile of her on geni ... But is all I could find. In the Valle Kommune it says that she we to Mosby???



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Grethe Flood

On geni.com her name is spelt Ingerd:



But here ii's spelt Inger



From Gravminner i Norge:

2342264 Inger  Rysstad  0105  1908  2712  1995  0501  1996  14  00C  006  Vis  Lund Kristiansand


https://www.nb.no/items/235df70095299718a32def8f92212fc0?page=313&searchText="f. 1908"

Inger, f. 1908, ug. = umarried (Mosby). 

Mosby might refer to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mosby,_Norway It's located in the Torridal valley in Kristiansand county, and she was buried in Kristiansand. 


I can see from geni.com that her mother died on 2 August 1960 in Vennesla, Agder county (former Vest-Agder county) - cf. Gravminner i Norge:

5904499 Jorunn  Rysstad    1704  1887  0208  1960  0608  1960  10  Hvil i fred  Vis  Vennesla Vennesla


Inger's father died in 1924 - St. Josefs hospital in Kristiansand: 

Aust-Agder county, Hylestad in Valle, Parish register (copy) no. B 3 (1921-1948), Deceased and buried 1924, Page 136
Quick link: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb10411104120105 


So it seems that Inger and her mother moved from Valle. In the "Adressebok for Vest-Agder fylke" 1948 at www.nb.no I have found one Inger Rysstad, housekeeper, registered on the address Solvang, Kristiansand. This might be the Inger Rysstad in question. If Inger never married and lived an "anonymous" life, this might be the reason why there is so little information on her....?? 


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Murray Rystead

Thanks for sharing. I don't think she ever got married. I read somewhere she played hockey but I don't know where I found that information and if it was her and if it is true. 

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