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Vefsn Marriage record 1786

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I am unclear on where the marriage record ends.


It looks to me like;

Dom: 2 a Trinit. ha Eyng. Paadiland 2 Mrice Col:Dolstad.

Capul Anders Jons: Eurknu sud.  Pignu MaritE Nield: Anders.

Nedr Biornaer.


item capul: ale jons ovse Biornaaen uugn kas pignu Marrik

Larsd: Scog.


item capul uk: Anders Nielsen Scahardog P: Margrete Causd Jul



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Ivar S. Ertesvåg

There are three marriages on this day:

"Dom: 4 a Trinit. Hr.[Herr] Lyng Prædikede and Hr. Birch bet.[jenede] Alteret .

(On 4th Sunday after Trinity (9 July), Rev. Lyng preached and Rev. Birch served at the altar.)


Copul[erede] Anders Jons: Enkemand (Widower) med  Pigen Marith Nielsd. Andaas(?)

Nedre Biornnaaen. [this farm name may pertaining to Anders]


item (also) copul. ole jons. øvre Biørnaaen ungekar (bachelor) Pigen Marrith

Larsd. Scog.


item copul. u k. Anders Nielsen Scarland og P. Margrete Clausd Kul-



then follow two burials ("Sepultatis"), two more marriages, a baptism, two introductions, another baptism, and two more introductions.


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