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Vefsn Marriage Dom 19 Trin 1790

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Dom: 19 a Trinit: Virch Fasuh ear, og Eyng Forssdal L.T:

Derponsat: ic fa: Niels Jonsen Srom Og Pignu Anna Martha Jabniedr Stom Lponsoroi Gavriel Larsen ibd elias Gabrielsen

Ibd osten Jonsen ibd


Copul: ic: uk. Ole Nielsen Andaas. Pignu Dordi Kieshas

Jonsd ned: Oyen


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Even Stormoen

I'll try:


Dom 19 a Trinit: Birch fæsted [2?] par, Hr. Lyng forretted H.(?) K.

Desponsat: u K. Niels Jonsen Strøm og Pigen Anne Martha

Gabrielsd Strøm Sponsates Gabriel Larsen ibd. Elias Gabrielsen

ibid østen Jonsen ibid.

Copul: u: K: Ole Nielsen Andaaes, Pigen Dordi Kirsten [Kirstie?]

Jonsd. ned: øyen.


And now, the hard part: Trying to translate/explain this entry 😉


Judging from other entries there seems to be two ‹guys› –  priests? deacons? bell ringers? – working as a ‹team›: Mr. Birch and Mr. Lyng. Very often one of them did the sermon, the other did the engagements. Wich is what we see here: «Birch engaged two(?) couples, Mr. Lyng served. [H.K. (Hovedkirken? – Main Church?)]»

«Engaged unmarried NJS and ‹the unmarried woman› [Pigen] AMGS ‹Best Men› Gabriel . . . etc.

Married the unmarried ONA, ‹the unmarried woman› [Pigen] DKJ [her rescidence: Nedre Øyen, I guess. ‹Lower Øyen›]»


Hoping that this messy post, and my inadequate english makes some sense to you. At least.



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Your english far outpaces my Norweigan. 🙂  This is all very understandable to me, tusen takk for your hard work.

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Knut Skorpen

If the details shoud interest anybody:

I'll sugggest that "Hr. Lyng forretted H.T," (wich could mean HovedTjenesten, the main service).

Andreas Lyng was kappellan in Vefsn 1785-1793

Mathias Johannesson Birch was sokneprest in Vefsn 1784-1791


Here is was Reidar Svare wrote about these priests in Vefsn bygdebok særbind I (1970). This book has what we could call "folkeminne", that is memories and traditoon, not historical facts. I give it as a Norwegian-lesson for Ken 🙂 . The autor use the word "finn" or "lapp" for the people we today will call "same(r)" (lapp-people).

The main point is that Hr. Birch had bad health, and needed help form his assistant Lyng to do the hard work.





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Wonderful, thank you all so much.


12. Mathias Johannessøn Birch (1723 - 1795) . F I Danmark.
Finnenisjonær på Snåsa (Nord - og Sør-Liens) i 1757. res'd.kapel-
Ian Pa Snåsa 1765 og sokneprest til vefsn 1784 Han var sjukleg og tok avskil i 1791 me 250 riksdaler i pensjon.  Frå 1785 til 1793 var Andreas Lyng personell kapellan i Vefsn. Han skulle særieg ta seg av finnemisjonen i kallet.  Men han måtte dertil vikariera mykje for presten når han hadde sjukdomsforfall. Det var Lying som sto for bygginga av den nye kjerka i Hattfjelldal som sto ferdig i 1788 (til avløysing av lappe-Kapellet fra 1727-28).  Han ville setta kjerka på den tofta der ho står i dåg (bygd 1863).  Men eigarane, Anders Nilsso og Johannes Larsso, hadde åker der, som dai ikkje ville missa.  Dei sa at Lyng vart svært sint for dette. Heretter skulle desse åkrane ikkje gi grøde skikka til folkmat, sa han.  Og han fekk stort sett rett.  Der var frostlendt, og i tørrår skein det av.


Google says:

12. Mathias Johannessøn Birch (1723 - 1795). F In Denmark.
Finn initiate at Snåsa (North and South Liens) in 1757. res'd.kapel-
lan Pa Snåsa 1765 and parish priest to the web 1784 He was ill and divorced in 1791 with 250 riksdaler in pension. From 1785 to 1793 Andreas Lyng was the personnel chaplain in Vefsn. He was to take special care of the Finn mission in the vocation. But he also had to substitute a lot for the priest when he was ill. Lying was responsible for the construction of the new church in Hattfjelldal, which was completed in 1788 (to replace the Lapp Chapel from 1727-28). He wanted to put the church on the tofta where she stands (built 1863). But the owners, Anders Nilsso and Johannes Larsso, had fields there that they did not want to miss. They said that Lyng was very angry about this. From now on, these fields would not provide crops for folk food, he said. And he was pretty much right. It was freezing there, and in dry years it shone.

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Knut Skorpen

Interesting!  Google is not too bad. I do not read or write English very well, but that the priest was "divorced" was new for me. I don't know the English words to use, but he was "divorced from his duty as a priest".

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