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Hans Jakob Who?

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Anne-Lise Hansen

Ungk. (Bachelor) Hans Jacob Carlsen fra (from) Rustadeie i Ness (Romeriget) i.e. Nes Romerike (in Akershus)



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Peter Hanson

can you let me know the farm name after #101 for this Hans Andersen?




also, is #63 on this one "Andersen" or something else?  (and description after that, before Inge)



AND, #75 of same page...where is this Hans Anderson from...and the note at far right?

(my eyes playing tricks maybe, but thinking maybe THIS might be Skirset)


#111 info after Anderson name before mother Karen


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Even Stormoen



101:  . . .Vogstad, Ung K., og Pige . . . [V, bachelor and unmarried woman]


63:  . . . Aunessen(?) [at least not Anderssen], Gbr. p. [farmer at] Øvre Finstad og H. [and wife]


75:  . . . Ung K. p Vogstad mellem . . .  [bachelor at V middle] ‹Comment›: [really: who reported the birth] Inge Eliasdat. Vogstad Eie


111:  . . . Sangnæs af Vestre Toten, Ung K. og Pige . . . [S from wester T, bachelor, and unmarried woman . . .


34  . . . Fenstad Eie(?) Hmd p. Skaarer [‹tenant› at S]



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Peter Hanson

Thank you Elin! 


I have this listed in another thread, but I'll add it here too:

Hans Jakob Andersen was father of Henrik Marius Hansen in 1859 Vaaler, Skedsmo.

#17 at http://www.arkivverket.no/URN:kb_read?idx_kildeid=546&idx_id=546&uid=ny&idx_side=-69

He was unmarried and was a father to previous illegitimate child.  Record notes he came from Naes Praestegjeld.


Assuming he is around in 1865 and had his Naes birthplace noted in census, I've followed up on the 20-25 Hans Andersens.  I had previously thought the one at Skirset in Nes was best possibility, but have since learned he received a deed to that farm in 1858, so unlikely to be working in Skedsmo.  The others have "older kids" in 1865, which seems to also rule them out.  I've reduced the list down to one living at Drystland and Braenden farms in Nes, one at Trinborgholen in Nes, and one from Brandstrophaugen in Nes (thanks again Carl).  i've been looking through scanned birth records for illegitimate children during the 1848-1864 timeframe in Nes, Eidskog and Skedsmo hoping to see an HJA or HA coming from a recognizable location.


This last Hans Jakob Andersen was born in Brandstoprhaugen Nes, moved to Nokken, then to Eidskog, Hedmark, and onto Guttersrudengen in Fet.  He had three known wives and fathered at least 20 children (some illegitimate).  He seems to be a good candidate; however, I have not located him to be "as far West" as Skedsmo...and he seems to marry the women with whom he had illegitimate children.


If anyone has any suggestions on how else to locate this HJA from Nes that was at Vaaler Skedsmo in 1858-1859, I'd be glad to hear it.  I can only think to start looking in other counties and/or assume his Nes birthplace was not noted in the Census (although I'm not sure how I'd determine it was him) {maybe its simply undetermined dead-end}

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