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Baptism Dolstad 1762

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Festo Jor: Baptistad Dolstad 1762
Dobt DBR Dlg. Angeumoens Jurnuyrdr: N: Ole.
Fadlernr: Niels Lars Bnyfoarlien Afmb Guyrman: Angermoen Forbr Oln: Trigdenlien
Donoff Jnlnrd Lugfoarlien Immur Oln Trylenlien
Jndbdr Famir Maydr Qudimdr
Intovneeren Niels Mikrens Moerverns Aurn Pa vi

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Even Stormoen

Festo Joh: Baptistæ – Dolstad – 1762


. . . . .


Døbt Ole Ols: Angermoens Drengeb: N: Ole

Fadderne: Niels Lars: Lugtvaslien Peder Hagens: Angermoen – Peder Ols: Tugterlien

Dorethe Pedersd: Lugtvaslien – Anne Olsd: Tugterlien

Indled samme mands Qvinde

Introducered Niels Mikkels: Moesøens Kone – pr: v:


Midsummer day (June 24.) Ole O. A’s boychild Ole was baptized. Witnesses: Niels & co.

Then his wife was ‹introduced›, as was Niels M.’s wife.




Edited to add: Festum nativitatis St. Johannis Baptistæ (June 24.) was(?) a ‹church holiday›. In Scandinavia we still celebrate it, though in more ‹profane› ways 😉

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Ivar S. Ertesvåg

Festo Joh: Baptiste [24 June] Dolstad 1762

Døbt Ole Ols. Angermoens Drengeb: N: Ole.
Faddrene: Niels Larss. Lugtvaslien, Peder Hagens. Angermoen, Peder Ols: Tugtenlien
Dorothe Pedersd. Lugtvaslienm Anne Olsd. Tugtenlien

Indled samme Mands Qvinde


Introducered Niels Mikkels. MOesøens Kone - pr:v:

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Even Stormoen

Hei Ivar,

her ‹snublet vi borti hverandre.› 😉





EDIT: Forøvrig enig i «Tugtenlien». My bad.

Edited by Even Stormoen
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it looks like this same day I am interested in the no. 3 marriage.



Festo Joh: Baptistæ – Dolstad – 1762


Comm: 20
Copulerede 3. {Niels Lars: Ptrvsaasen,
        Dorthe Olsdr ibd...

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