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Anna Marie Olsen Died 16-6-1919

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Glenn Smith.


I'm trying to establish a cause of death (listed as '70' )for Anna Marie Olsen died 16-6-1919 who is listed in :

RA, Statistisk sentralbyrå, Sosiodemografiske emner, Befolkning, D/Df/Dfb/Dfbi/L0010: Kristiania: Døde, 1919, s. 154


and also where the place of death is (column 15) as this is listed as being utenfor hjemstedet 

The usual place of residence being Sandakerveien 81 in Kristiania.

Many thanks for any help.




Link to Page :  https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/90158/154


Regards Glenn






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Even Stormoen

I have no idea what ‹cause 70› might be, but the place is «ibid» –«Ullevold» in the entry above. Probably the hospital by that  name.



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Bjarne Rosenstrøm

Her obituary in the newspaper "Social-Demokraten" tells us, as Even Stormoen writes above, that she died at Ullevål hospital:




https://www.nb.no/search?q="anna Marie Olsen"&mediatype=aviser&fromDate=19190601&toDate=19190630&counties=Oslo:[Social-Demokraten]



Screenshot_2020-09-24 Social-Demokraten.png

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Glenn Smith.

Thanks Arne and Bjarne for your help. 

This is much appreciated...

All I need to find now is a cause of death.

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Jarle Grønvold

Anna Marie Olsen dead 16.06.1919. Cause of death "Vit.card"  og maybe "Vit.Cord" (Vitium Cordis) heartfailure.  "70" is not cause of death, but no.70-1919 "skifteliste for sluttede bo".

https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/58597/185. Not quite sure of the exact english translation. Maybe somebody can help with that. Her husband, Petter Olsen, died few days later.  https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/78613/114947/47


Jarle G.

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Glenn Smith.

It is quite a tragic tale and you are quite right that her husband died a couple of days later (on the 20th) 

They were my great grandparents (oldemor og oldefar) and I am descended from one of their sons (my grandfather) Trygve.

Again, many thanks for all the help on this topic..its very much appreciated.



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