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Patricia Lovro

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My family immigrated to the US in the late 1800s from Norway... Our last name is Lovro. But, that may not have been our original last name. Our last name maybe the name of the farm my ancestors came from. Need help researching to find ancestors. Thank you very much!! 

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Lars Johannessen

Here is a picture of Ellef Lovro's parents, Jacob and Gjertrud



Information from the Bygdebok from Singsaas says that Ellef and wife Kirsten Sofie,  and two children, Jakob and Even, emigrated in 1897






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Anton Hagelee

Ellef with his parents in the 1891 Norwegian Census .


Ellef Jacobsen Løvrø




Ellef Jacobsen Løvrø

 in the 1891 Norway Census

Name:Ellef Jacobsen LøvrøGender:Mann (Male)Marital status:Ugift (Single)Relation to Head:Søn (Son)Birth Date:1866Birth Place:BudalenResidence Place:Singsaas, Singsås, Sør-Trøndelag (Sor-Trondelag), Norge (Norway)Counting District Number:5Houselist Number:13Person Number:3Household Members:

NameRelation to Head

Jacob Ellefsen LøvrøFamiliens overhode (Head)

Gjertru Hansdatter LøvrøHustru (Wife)

Ellef Jacobsen LøvrøSøn (Son)

Marit Jacobsdatter LøvrøDatter (Daughter)

Anne Jacobsdatter LøvrøDatter (Daughter)

Gjertru Jacobsdatter LøvrøDatter (Daughter)

Ole Jacobsen LøvrøSøn (Son)

Hans Jacobsen LøvrøSøn (Son)

Jacob Jacobsen LøvrøSøn (Son)

Else Pedersdatter Løvrø.Føderasdsenke (Ikke beslogtet med husfaderen)

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Anton Hagelee

The parents Jacob and Gertrud seem to have remained in Norway. But Ellef, his wife and two children did emigrate to South Dakota in 1897. 






Jacob and Gjertrud in 1900 Norwegian Census




And in 1910 Norwegian Census 





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Lars Johannessen

Ellef Jacobson left Norway in 1876, together with his son Bersvend and his daughter-in-law Ingrid Arntsdatter (#6 and 7)




Passenger list: (#7 - 9)



Elef died 1908 https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/70865186/ellef-jacobson







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