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Ane Cicilie Pedersdtr confirmation

Merle Nostbakken

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Merle Nostbakken

SAT, Ministerialprotokoller, klokkerbøker og fødselsregistre - Nord-Trøndelag, 720/L0183: Ministerialbok nr. 720A01, 1836-1855, s. 141
Brukslenke for sidevisning: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20050509040252  SAT, Ministerialprotokoller, klokkerbøker og fødselsregistre - Nord-Trøndelag, 720/L0183: Parish register (official) no. 720A01, 1836-1855, p. 141
Quick link: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20050509040252


Ane (Anna) Cicilie's confirmation. Her father's name is Peder Anderson (I believe). What is the word in front of his name? I can't figure out her mother's first name: ?? Pedersdtr.



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Nå skjønner jeg lite. Dette har Merle fått svar på via en PM hun sendte til meg for fire timer siden. Jeg kopierer deler av svaret:


The entry concerning the parents is:


Hmd [abbreviation for Husmand, cotter, tenant (not entirely correct translation, see below)] Peder Andersen 

K. [abb. for Kone, Wife] Marit Pedersdr. [abb. for Pedersdatter Daughter of Peder]


About Husmann.


Men du har jo absolutt rett, Marius.



Merle: You have been given the answer to this in the PM you sent me four hours ago, so I'm somewhat bewildered . . .


Vennlig hilsen/Regards


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