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Lauritz Valinius Hansen f. 14 Okt 1830 Østfold

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Jay Hagfeldt

Hei alle,


Can someone offer some help in trying to locate Lauritz Vallenius Hansen, f. 14 Okt 1830 i Tune Prestegjeld, Østfold?


I've found his birth record, https://www.digitalarkivet.no/view/255/pd00000038169755, but cannot find another record of him after that.  I checked the confirmation and move out records for him and his older brother Carl in Tune Prestegjeld, but haven't found anything.

Their parents were Hans Larsen and Ane Elisabeth Valiniusdatter living at Møller ved Solie at the time of the boys' births.

I have found Carl in the 1865 Census, https://www.digitalarkivet.no/census/person/pf01037998004210.  Carl and his family are living in Fredrikstad prestegjeld, Glemmen sokn at that time.  

Would like to find out what happened to his brother, Lauritz.


Would greatly appreciate any clue that could be provided.



Jay Hagfeldt






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Grethe Flood

Lise Valeniusdatter died at maternity bed in 1833 - entry no 15:

Østfold county, Tune, Varteig, Rolvsøy in Tune, Parish register (official) no. 7 (1831-1837), Deceased and buried 1833, Page 384-385
Permanent image ID: kb20061023010471
Quick link: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20061023010471
Permanent image-link: https://urn.digitalarkivet.no/URN:NBN:no-a1450-kb20061023010471.jpg


Cf. the daughter Laura, who died shortly after - entry no. 22

Østfold fylke, Tune, Varteig, Rolvsøy i Tune, Ministerialbok nr. 7 (1831-1837), Døde og begravede 1833, Side 386-387
Permanent bilde-ID: kb20061023010472
Brukslenke for sidevisning: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20061023010472
Permanent bildelenke: https://urn.digitalarkivet.no/URN:NBN:no-a1450-kb20061023010472.jpg 


But this does not answer your question. By the way, I can see from the 1865 census that Carl is a mormon. 

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Jay Hagfeldt

Thank you, Grethe. 

I didn't know about Lisa's death or about their daughter Laura.


How can you tell that Carl is a mormon on the 1865 census?  



Jay Hagfeldt


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Jay Hagfeldt

Thanks Carl.  I obviously missed Carl's confirmation.  If Lauritz' confirmation is not there, it could be that he passed away or the family moved, although I didn't find move-out records for the family.  I'll check again though.  Will also look for a death record for Lauritz.

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Carl Nilsen
8 timer siden, Jay Hagfeldt skrev:

... or the family moved, although I didn't find move-out records for the family...

FYI Carl still lives at Soli, where the brothers were born, at the time of his marriage in 1849, no 45:



I could not spot Lauritz in the death records of Tune, and he is not registered as a godparent (fadder) at the birth of Carl’s daughter, no 118:



FYI#2: The transcribed church books from Tune (bapt/death/marriages) are available as downloadable Excel spredsheets from Sarpsborg historielag:


Edited by Carl Nilsen
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