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Knud Povelsen f. om 1740

Jay Hagfeldt

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Can some one kindly help me with a farm name?


I'm trying to find the christening date of Knud Povelsen.  According to the 1801 Norway Census (https://www.digitalarkivet.no/en/census/person/pf01058242004276) he was 61 years old at the time, which would put his birth year about 1740.

I've found his marriage record (https://www.digitalarkivet.no/en/census/person/pf01058242004276) which lists his farm, however, I can't decipher it.  I think it is something like Brundken.  His wife's farm was Strand.  It looks like the marriage was in the Aasnes local parish.  I think the Strand farm was in the Hof local parish.  Both the Aasnes and Hof local parishes were in the Hof Prestegjeld.  I think I understand the farm names associated with the bride and groom were the farms they were living on at the time of the marriage and wouldn't necessarily be the farms on which they were born.

I've searched through the Hof Prestegjeld church records for 1739 and 1740 but couldn't find Knud Povelsen's christening record.  Not sure what to try next.


How accurate are the birth year's of the people on the 1801 census?  Should I expand my search beyond 1739 and 1740?  Is it possible Knud Povelsen was born outside of the Hof Prestegjeld?  Any direction provided would be greatly appreciated.



Jay Hagfeldt

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first, I have no local knowledge about the area...


The age in 1801 can be inaccurate - and quite accurate; but you would not know - and you have to extend the time interval.

There are church registry records for Hof for most of the 1700s. 


Quality may differ.


Your two links are the same (to the 1801 census).

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