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Baptism Records--Biri or Snertingdal/Seegard Church

Casey Smedstad

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We are traveling to Norway in August 2022 and we are visiting many of the churches and areas our ancestors attended and lived in.  I am trying to determine whether my ancestors attended Seegard church/Snertingdal local parish (I believe these have the same name since the church burned down in 1994?) or Biri parish.  Both churches share the same record books.  I am assuming they would have attended Snertingdal/Seegard based on the location of the farms they lived on (Gjosti and Snartum) but if someone can confirm that fact I would greatly appreciate it!


Tusen Takk from Minnesota! 🙂


(1) Baptism of Ole Olsen--page 10--#102--born Sept. 27, 1843



(2) Baptism of his mother Randine--#51--born August 8, 1822



(3) The marriage of Randine Evensdatter and Ole Olsen--#9--April 17, 1843


Does the "S.k." mark under the date stand for "Snertingdal Kirke"?




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(1) Ole was baptised in "S.K." 3


(2) Randine in "Seg. K."


(3) in "S. K."   Snertingdal or Segard kirke, yes


I do not know this district.

However, from reading, it seems that

- "Se(e)gård" is the location (farm) where the church is built, while Snertingdal is the valley ("dal") and sub-parish ("sokn").

- both names have been used for the church.


The church from 1781 burned in 1994. A replacement was completed in 1997



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