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Out-migration or emigration help for Aaste Tarjeisdatter Sinnes from Vrådal, Kviteseid, Telemark please?

Kaye Lystad Kirk

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First of all, thank you to everyone who replied to my other two posts about the emigration of Talleiv Aamundsson Høglid and Knud Tarjeisen.

My question might be easier to answer.

I've been unable to find an out-migration record for Aaste Tarjeisdatter Sinnes. If I can find that, I'll have an idea of when she came to America.

Aaste is the daughter of Tarje Gunderson Sinnes and Anne Halvorsdatter.

She was born on May 18, 1828, in Sinnes, Vrådal, Kviteseid, Telemark.

Here is the link to her record in the online version of "“Kviteseid Ættesoga.”

Thank you-

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  • Kaye Lystad Kirk changed the title to Out-migration or emigration help for Aaste Tarjeisdatter Sinnes from Vrådal, Kviteseid, Telemark please?

The FAG for Aaste indicates she was married July 15, 1853 and the 1900 Census gives 1853 for the year of her emigration. 






The parish records for emigration around that tine are a bit of a mess. But I looked through the records for leaving in 1853 and did not spot her name. But I could easily have missed it as well. 



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@Anton Hagelee Thanks for your replies. The info on FindAGrave for Aaste's father, Tarje Findreng, is concerning him and his second wife, Thone Kragness. Aaste is Tarje's daughter with his first wife, Anne Halvorsdatter.

I did find a couple of Aaste's siblings and their families immigrating on the brig "Alert" in 1848, but Aaste's name wasn't listed - I don't know if that's an oversight or if she sailed on another vessel at another time. I found their names in the book "Norwegian Immigrants to the United States, A biographical directory 1825-1850, Volume 3 1847-1848" by Gerhard B. Naeseth.

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