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Gunhild Bratterud - Telemark

David Arvidson

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I apologize in case this is not the appropriate use of this forum.


In 2020, I was using this forum to communicate with a number of people, including Brynjulf Einungbrekke, about the Bratterud family.  He indicated that Gunhild Bratterud was his great grandmother.  I believe that Brynjulf and I probably share a fifth great grandfather. 


I am hoping to get in touch with Brynjulf, and this forum post is the only way I could think to do that.


Brynjulf if you get this and care to get in touch with me, then please contact me at mnvids@aol.com.


Thank you.


David Arvidson



I have some information about Aslaug Bratterud. Aslaug is sister of my great grandmother Gunhild Bratterud. They were elleven children. Aslaug was born on a litle farm in Hovin in Telemark in Norway. The farms name is Bratterud. I am the owner today. Aslaug was born in 1860. She went to Leland in USA in 1882. Aslaug met Carl Thykeson and married him. They got 6 children. Carl died in 1934 and Aslaug died in 1951. They lived Roseau County in Minnesota. 

In 1901 went Aslaugs mother Astri and father Østen (Osten Olsen Bratterud) together with brother Lars, Østen (Osten), Ole and sisters Turid, Ragnhild and Astri. And Ragnhilds son Ole Hanson who was 6 years old.

Turid  married Peter Lee. Turid took the name Tina Bratrud Lee. She was born in 1864 and she died in 1956. 

Sister Astri born in 1879 (it is wrong yeardate on the grave) and she took the name Ester Bratrud Pladson. She was married Nikolai B. Pladson in 1910. They  homesteaded in South Dakota and came back to Hatton community in 1912 and farmed in Newburgh Township until 1932. They lived on the farm until 1948 when they moved to Nortwood to live. She died in 1962.

I have no inforation about Ragnhild, Osten, Ole and Lars. I know that some of them  went to Manitoba in Canada. Ole Hanson took the name Olaf Hanson and he stayed in Canada in the rest of his life.

The Father Osten Olsen Bratrud and mother Astri Bratrud went to Boston. I have no information about thees two People. Astri died in 1918 and Osten in 1922. WWW.Findagrave.com I found their grave in Steel County in North Dakota.

If you have more information I will be happy.


Brynjulf Einungbrekke


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