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Gjest Melissa Hvidsten

[#8258] Thea Mattson, w. of Osmar, moth of Olga & Nls Malf

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Gjest Melissa Hvidsten

Here is a shot in the dark. I am looking for information on a Thea Mattson, daughter of Matias Matiaason. Her first husband's name was Osmar, whom she married in Norway. Her second husband's name was Oscar Nelson, whom she married in the Marshall County, MN. While living in Norway, she had at least one child with Osmar - Olga, and possibly a son named Nels Malfred, who died in MN in 1887, but he may be the son of her second husband. The story is that Osmar and his brother died in a train accident, and so Thea and her brother immigrated to the MN with her daughter Olga, and possibly son Nels Malfred, around 1885. Her brother Oscar Mattson later moved to California and the family lost track of him. Do these people sound familiar to anyone?Melissa

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