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Gjest Susan Halverson

[#10285] Harald Nielsen and Aaste Olesen parents of Ole Haradsen

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Gjest Susan Halverson

I am so confused. I thought that I could search on my own but I don't understand enough yet. Could someone please help me? :-)Through the generosity of a few very nice people I have been lucky enough to get this far.Torbjorn Halvorsen (b. May 9, 1853)of Dalen farm Sauland, Hjartdal, Telemark Married Aaste Olsdatter (b. Jun 10, 1852)of Lia farm Hitterdal.Torbjorn is the son of Halvor Torbjornsen and Ingeborg Grimardatter. He had one sister that I know of Anne who was 17 in the 1865 census. I am trying to find out if he had any other siblings.Also I am looking for information on Aaste's grandparents. Parents of her father Ole Haraldsen (b. Nov 26, 1809)Heddal parish, Hitterdal and mother Thone Oldsdatter (b. abt. 1812). Also was Solvei her only sibling?I know that Ole Haraldsen's parents were Harald Nielsen and Aaste Olesen and Thone's parents were (I think) Ole Nilsen Moen and Solveig Johannesen but I am not sure of that information. I hope to find out where they were from and some of their siblings if possible. I figure that they should be in the 1801 census but I keep doing the wrong thing and get nothing. Thank you Susan

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