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[#10387] Ravnanger, sank 11.11.1940

Guest Heidi Tofterå Slettemoen

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Guest Heidi Tofterå Slettemoen

Hei!Håper noen kan hjelpe denne karen, jeg har ingen kjennskap til dette. Hans E-mail er: d.oord@ntlworld.comHi I research into the fate of RAVNANGER sunk 11/11/1940 in Tees Bay, Middlesbrough UK and would welcome responses from the following Crew members and / or their families.Master - JOHAN EDVARD GRUNG,1st Officer - INGOLF THORNQUIST,2nd Officer - ANDERS KALDEFOSS,3rd Officer - RAGNVALD ESPENES,Boatswain - OLAI FESTER,Carpenter - EINAR HANSEN,Able Seman. - SVERRE HANSEN,Able Seaman. - HÅKON ANDREASSEN,Able Seaman - KARL JACOBSEN,Able Seaman - HENRY OLSEN,Ordinary Seaman - PEDER J. MÆLAND,Ordinary Seaman - KÅRE S. DAHL,Steward - OSCAR LARSEN,Galleyboy - OLAF GJÆRDE,Messboy - GUNNAR KVALEN,1st Engineer - HERMAN B. KNUTSEN,2nd Engineer - HÅKON HILLAND,Donkeyman - INGVALD VANGSNES,Fireman - ALF HERMANSEN,Fireman - ARNE HOLTHE,Fireman - OLAF REKLEV,Fireman - EINAR FREDRIKSEN,Fireman - ANDREAS ROISLAND,Fireman - ODD JOHANNESSEN,All Norwegian,Ordinary Seaman - PHILLIP VERBAN Dutch,Trimmer - ERIK MOLLER Danish,also info required on -Norwegian Seaman BERNHARD LARSENBERNHARD LARSEN was killed in Middlesbrough on Nov. 3-1940 (he was not on board Ravnanger). He and two other un-named Norwegians (both firemen) were struck by a Corporation Motor Bus in Queens Square close to The Middlesbrough Missions to Seaman. Mr. Larsen died in The North Riding Infirmary (hospital). He was buried on Nov. 6-1940 at North Ormesby Cemetary, Middlesbrough.The service was conducted by a Norwegian ( Pastor ? ) SELINUS and the grave number is 378.He was an able seaman, 42 years old, lived at SKAAREGATEN 189, HAUGESUND, NORWAY. I thought it might be a good idea to add this in case his family is unaware of what happened to him, as is so often the case.It's still very important for me to get in touch with the families of Ravnanger's survivors as well.2nd Officer Anders Johannes Kaldefoss and 3rd Officer Ragnvald Johan Espenes were killed on June 10-1941 when the ship Chr. Krogh was sunk.Both are listed among the casualties on Sjømmenenes Minnehall's website.Olav Reklev was killed on Nov. 6-1941I welcome any help in my research Thank you kindly David

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