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Gjest Brit Høiland Fjellberg

[#11286] 3 Johnsonbrothers in the States early 1900.

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Gjest Brit Høiland Fjellberg

Hello out there!I have searched 'my' 3 Johnsonbrothers for a long time. I have had several inqueries on messageboards in Kansas, and I got lucky to get some great help in my search. Now it's a stand-still, and I can't manage to get further without more help. Therefore I try this site. I'm lookong for descendants and living relatives after following Johnsons, all born in Sletten, Sørlavangen in the old parish of Trondenes,Norway;1. Carl Andreas(CA)Johnson b.Feb 10 1855. His wife Mary(Marit)b.Apr 19 1860(61). Children Austrid(Astrid) b.May 17 1883 Signa(Signe) b.Sep 24 1884 and Ingvald b.Aug 7 1886. An old photo showes that they got more children in the States. Maybe two girls named Ruth or/and Marie? This family immigrated 1887 for Wisconsin, but short time later the settled down in Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas. They are located in 113 Exeter Street in several Topeka-Radges City Directory listings between 1902-1916. This street changed name to 2nd Street in 1938. CA signed up for his 'Declaration of intention' in 1889 and became naturalized as American citizen in 1893. According to a obituary in the Topeka State Journal, CA died of lockjaw after he had stepped on a nail, July 28 1908. In Topeka cemetery records, Mary was found dead Feb 19 1943. It seems like she was buried besides her husband in Topeka, but her last residence was mentioned to be Eureka,Greenwood County,KS. Her relation was a Mrs.Tom Forbes,Dtr. I don't know if Forbes lived in Eureka as well, but it is a possibility, and that she was Mary's daughter. I also know that Austrid was listed as a student in Topeka 1905, Signa as a stenographer 1902 and that CA had been a clerk and earlier an alderman when Potwin was a city aside from Topeka.2. Anton Eberg Johnson b.Dec 1 1875, immigrated for Topeka to his elder brother 1900, unamarried and travelling alone. He was listed at the same address as his brother Andrew at Marshall Ave in 1902. They were 'laborers'.3. Andrew(Andreas)Johnson b.Aug 5 1868. His wife Hilma b.1872. Children Signe b. 1898 and Ingeborg b.July 17 1900.I'm not able to find Anton and Andrew in Topeka City Directories after 1902. Maybe they moved. It may be possible that they were laborers for Kansas or Santa Fe railroad company. Who knows?This is surely a difficult case, but is it to solve? Any adwice, information or help in my search would be really appreciated.Best regards from Brit.

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