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Gjest Susan Vera

[#12800] Erik Pedersen ca. 1811 & Berit Olsdatter ca. 1813 of Meraker

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Gjest Susan Vera

I am looking for some one who could help me to trace the family of one line of my ggg-great-grandparents.They are Erik Pedersen born about 1811 Øvre Størdalens Præstegjeld married to Berit Olsdatter born about 1813 Lexvigens Præstegjeld. One of their sons Peder Eriksen b. abt. 1836 married Johanna Olsdatter b. abt. 1834. Peder and Johanna had a daughter Brynild Pedersdatter b. abt. 1864 and son Erik Pedersen b. abt. 1860. Brynild went by the name Betsy Brendmo in America and lived in Todd county for a while befor marrying Albert Lathrop.Is there anyone who can take me back any farther?I am also interested in finding living relatives to share pictures and information on decendants in the United States.

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