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Gjest Vidar Larsen

[#13450] Johan Larsen and Oline Marie Pedersdatter, Oslo late 1800 early 1900.

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Gjest Vidar Larsen

Johan Lars. (36 years old) and Oline Marie Pedersd (39) and family Olof Peder Lars. (16), Emilie Marie Lars.(6), Johanne Lovise Lars. (3) and Hanna Sophie Lars. (1) is recorded in the 1865 census for Christiania.LenkeThe son Olof Peder listed in the census is most likely my ancestor Peder Oluf and uægte son of Oline and one Niels Andersen. To fit the last piece of this jig-saw, I would greatly appreciate if anybody had information on the parish where and when Johan and Oline got married, and the name of Oline's father as given in the record of their marriage.Information received in tema 11373 (innlegg no 87) indicates that they lived in Domkirken parish in 1865, but that kirkeboka for this parish does not have any record of their marriage.Please note that some information is already available on Oline and Niels in tema 11373 and that I do read Norwegian. Mvh Vidar

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