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  1. Ellen C. Svendsen Håland
  2. Per S. Nestande
  3. Ann-Mary Engum

    Ann-Mary Engum

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    1 minute ago

  4. Carl Nilsen
  5. Johnsen Anita
  6. Rolf Gjølstad

    Rolf Gjølstad

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    6 minutes ago

  7. Liv Dysthe Sønderland

    Liv Dysthe Sønderland

    Viewing Topic: Taternes historie i Norge

    6 minutes ago

  8. Vibeke Lund Åhling

    Vibeke Lund Åhling

    Viewing Topic: Jakob Pettersønn Falchs sønn Jonas

    9 minutes ago

  9. Håkon Kolltveit Larsen

    Håkon Kolltveit Larsen

    Viewing Topic: Status 1920-tellingen februar

    10 minutes ago

  10. Angullik


    13 minutes ago

  11. Astrid Ryen
  12. Gunnar Øra

    Gunnar Øra

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    18 minutes ago

  13. Heidi Goksøyr
  14. Bård Gundersen
  15. Eivor Lycke

    Eivor Lycke

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    23 minutes ago

  16. Toril Basberg

    Toril Basberg

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    23 minutes ago

  17. Ole Christian Risdal

    Ole Christian Risdal

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    24 minutes ago

  18. Dag T. Hoelseth

    Dag T. Hoelseth

    Viewing Forum: Brukernes eget forum

    26 minutes ago

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