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    Arnold Skundberg

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  2. Egil Johannessen
  3. Ivar S. Ertesvåg
  4. Leif B. Mathiesen

    Leif B. Mathiesen

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    3 minutes ago

  5. Per S. Nestande

    Per S. Nestande

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  6. Morten Ryager
  7. Kristian Hunskaar (Arkivverket)

    Kristian Hunskaar (Arkivverket)

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    5 minutes ago

  8. Ingmar Seth

    Ingmar Seth

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    7 minutes ago

  9. Jan Eikeland

    Jan Eikeland

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  10. Arne Arvid Rasmussen

    Arne Arvid Rasmussen

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  11. Karin Jensen
  12. Aud Sandbu
  13. Solfrid Therese Henriksen

    Solfrid Therese Henriksen

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  14. Ellen Jacobsen
  15. are Glambek bøe
  16. Gisle Hersvik

    Gisle Hersvik

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  17. Leif Salicath
  18. Gry Henriksen

    Gry Henriksen

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