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Registration Terms

Rules of conduct for the debate forums

1. Everyone contributing in the debates is expected to give their full name (given name and surname) and correct e-mail address. Use your full name as display name. Remember to update your e-mail address if you change it.

2. Only one discussion per topic. If any of the contributors wants to take a sidestep in the discussion, they should start a new topic. If relevant, include a reference to the original topic in which the debate started.

3. If possible, one should answer in the same language as the debate started. Foreigners who do not write Norwegian, Swedish or Danish should write in English.

4. Since everyone can follow the discussions one should always beware of the information one submits. Please avoid information on living persons and information that can hurt or upset others in any way.

5. One is free to quote from the discussions. When using a quote, it should be marked accordingly and include a reference to the author as well as title of topic and topic number.

6. Please discuss in a civilised manner. One should always expect that an entry is seriously submitted and reply accordingly.

The Digital Archives can move topics from one forum to another when necessary. The Digital Archives may also remove entries and complete topics if found unsuited for the discussion forums offered at this site.

The contributors in the discussions are to respect these rules. If the contributors are violating the rules or in any way ruining the debates for others, they can be removed from the member list.

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